Confused about transferring a serial on a product. I may have made this difficult for myself ...

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I have a Kontrol S2 that I am trying to sell

I now have a Kontrol S3

I have checked the serials registered on my NI account and I can see the the serial number that I have in my copy of Traktor Pro 3 is the one that was linked to the Kontrol S2.

So, if I transfer that serial to the new buyer (a process I have only just found out about), this will, of course, affect my current installation.

What I cannot work out is whether I have a serial that is tied to the S3? Looking at my account, it seems that I do NOT.

I assume that the S3 would have included serial for the software, but maybe that was just not obvious to me as I simply plugged it in and it worked, using the previous software?

So, what is my best course of action here?

Can I get a new serial for the S3 (maybe install on a different machine to get a new serial)?

If that is the case, can I then transfer the old serial and if I do that ... what will happen when I open the software that has a serial that I have transferred over? Will I be prompted for a new serial (which I can get from the other new installation that I did just to get the S3 serial)?

Does this seem like it's all making sense?

I've attached a screenshot of all the various Traktor related serials I have gather other time (serial obfuscated, of course).

I can see that the S2 has both a hardware and software serial noted, the S3 does not (because I never asked for one?)

Hopefully someone can clarify my next steps here. Thanks!


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