[SOLVED] Komplete Audio 6 recognized via WASAPI but not ASIO on Windows 11

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My Komplete Audio 6 MK2 isn't recognized by the Control Pannel application or the Device Updater. It isn't recognized by the Maschine software either as ASIO, but it finds it under WASAPI (exclusive mode).

This is a problem because Bitwig (my DAW) only supports ASIO. I have installed Asio4All, and there the audio interface is recognized and can be configured. Still, it would be nice to use the ASIO drive for the Komplete Audio 6. It also would be nice to access the Control Panel.

I have tried everything. :)

I have a fresh Windows 11 installation and the system is up to date. The audio interface is detected by the system (via WASAPI, of course), I can play videos, etc.

On the same system,my Maschine MK3 (and a Syntakt) are recognized by the DAW via ASIO and work without problems.

Conclusion, everything seems to work except the Komplete Audio 6 ASIO driver. Does this problem ring a bell? I have searched, but found nothing.

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    Thank you, @Monochrome. I was replying that yes, I have followed that page and installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver many times. To be sure, I went to copy and paste the name of the driver program and it was only then when I realized that.......... I have been dealing all day with the MK1 driver, not the MK2 driver. πŸ˜…

    Yes, pretty embarrassing. Thank you for your time and for making me look the same instructions with fresher eyes.


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