Feature Request: Convert single pattern to a clip using Maschine MK3/+

beanradio Member Posts: 6 Member

Before anyone says anything I know you can convert an entire scene to clips from the hardware but I want to be able to convert a single pattern to a clip from the MK3. Its weird that this is not possible considering most everything else can be done on the hardware. I don't want all patterns in a scene to be clips because patterns to me are easier to edit and clips are not. I just want for instance to record some overdub drums or lead melody across a whole song using the controller. The only way to do this is by using keyboard and mouse and converting each pattern in the software.

Anyone else bothered by this? I feel like the whole point of making maschine more DAW-like with clips is that you can do most things from the MK3/+ but this seems like an important piece of the puzzle that is missing.


  • Sounds of Lakeville
    Sounds of Lakeville Member Posts: 1 Member

    "Anyone else bothered by this?"

    Yes, me :-) I am struggeling the same way.

    Is there any hint from NI-Support-Team or anybody else? This would be very helpful.🙏

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