Output routing Traktor / Kontrol Z2 / Maschine studio

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What i would like is a 4-deck lay out and on one deck i want to send a click track to a Mackie Mix 5 where only the drummer can hear the click track through his headphones. On the Mackie the drummer can control the volume of this click track. I, as a DJ, set the BPM for this click track that i would like to sync to the other decks.

Then on another deck i want to do some scracthes with my Reloop RP-8000 MK2 turntable.

Then, on a third deck, i want to fire some acapella loops or one shots, these acapellas are controlled by the Endo mapping for Maschine Studio which i have.

Are these 3 combinations possible within Traktor Pro3 /Kontrol Z2 /Machine Studio ? i own a Macbook Air with a M1 processor.

So it's not traditional djing i'm talking about but it's more live djing in a band.

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