Where can I find if NTKDaemon update to m1 native?

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I've received a reply that NTKDaemon (the native access installer) is not m1 native yet.

Then where can I find if NTKDaemon updated to m1 native? 

I can't find any information about it in "Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on macOS"


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  • Blindeddie
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    what version of NA? 1 or 2. Not sure if NA1 was M1 compatible, but NA2 has an installer specifically for M1.


  • safeite
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    NTKDaemon does not even appear in allowed/addable dependency - which makes it impossible to add in MacOS. Seems to be a large part of the issues with this installer.

  • Blobabee
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    Native Access v2 (v3.1.0) M1 version is supposed to be M1 native, but is still requiring Rosetta? Specifically it's the NTKDaemon that appears to be requiring Rosetta when attempting to install the native M1 Native Access v2 mentioned above. It refuses to install if I don't let it install Rosetta? It's not native M1 if you have require Rosetta to be installed. Am I missing something here?

  • Blobabee
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    I inquired with support, and if it makes it any easier in terms of knowledge, this is currently the company's stance on the status:

    "Unfortunately this is not possible until products that are able to be installed by NA are also all M1 natively compatible. However the the NTKDaemon being M1 compatible is certainly something that is on the horizon! We are unable however to accurately predict or give you a time frame on when exactly this will be unfortunately."

    While not exactly the result I was hoping for, I do hope this helps by providing clarity for others alike.

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