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  • BinaaryNomad
    BinaaryNomad Member Posts: 1 Member

    For me it's Frank Zappa "Black Napkins"


    Just blew me away when I first heard it many years ago and I didn't realise how much of a talented guitarist he was

  • Chris Hunt
    Chris Hunt Member Posts: 3 Member

    trance arp on a guitar, what else needs saying 🤩


  • popuman
    popuman Member Posts: 3 Member
    edited July 2022

    Fast forward to 3:29 and just enjoy!

    2021 Remaster "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with Prince, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison and Steve Winwood


  • ruslan.st
    ruslan.st Member Posts: 14 Member

    I like short guitar solo (and whole guitar arrangement) of this German song: Die Prinzen Das ist alles nur geklaut

    Solo starts at 2:30 and it's just funny. This burst of joy appears at the right time of the song. It brings craziness of the song to the next level, then doesn't bore and gets right to the chorus bridge :)

  • Peavynation
    Peavynation Member Posts: 2 Member

    For me it has to be Joe Walsh's solo in the Eagle's Hotel California. This was the album I'd listen to as a little kid whenever my dad and I would drive up to Bakersfield to visit my grandparents, and this solo captures every memory I have of that time. Every time I listen to it, it brings me back. Link was copied at the time the solo starts.

  • remedydub
    remedydub Member Posts: 30 Member
    edited July 2022

    Steve Vai Teeth of the Hydra. I like it because I’ve never seen anything like it.. Have you? www.youtube.com/watch?v=46qjDJ0lLdE

  • DGD
    DGD Member Posts: 3 Member

    Nile Rodgers I Want Your LOVE

  • Mistertoad17
    Mistertoad17 Member Posts: 5 Member

    For me it has to be Frank Zappa from the Joes Garage album the track Watermelon in Easter Hay a.k.a The Last Imaginary Guitar Solo.

    The solo really gets going at about 4:00 in


    The whole album is inspired. I am a little bit biased being fortunate to see the man himself live in Hammersmith many moons ago. My main memory of the night was the lights going down at the start of the show and yet the ambient light seemed to remain unchanged as what looked like just about everybody instantly decided to light up... lets call them odd looking roll-ups. I'm sure it was all very innocent ;-)

    Agree whole heartedly with the above list. Floyd of course, though everyone goes for numb and it is indeed wonderful but lets face it you could cut Dave Gilmours hands off, roll him around a car park, drunk and high as a kite and he would somehow still pull off the most astonishing solo and there are just so many. Oh and while on the subject Tony Jones I raise you Blue Sky and Numb Earls Court 1980 if memory serves. My friend and I paid £25 each to a tout in a street opposite Earls Court and we loved every minute.

    Would also congratulate kindred for mentioning Peter Frampton. That man is a god.

    With all of these I would say one thing links all of them in that they make it look ridiculously easy and simple to do. Don't it make ya sick! :-D

  • Mistertoad17
    Mistertoad17 Member Posts: 5 Member

    Darrel needs beating with wet lettuce and ejected from the competition for the use of "Mint". What a low blow. Don't you think people are suffering enough right now with a world in crisis! Go and hang your head in shame, sit on the naughty step and think about what you've done...

    Some people... harrumph 😁

  • paddy50
    paddy50 Member Posts: 1 Member
    edited July 2022

    I was in high school in 1990 and I walked into the band hall and the band director said to me, "Hey Patrick, I brought this in to let you hear something and I thing you'll really like!" He pushed the play button and Eric Johnson's Cliffs Of Dover started playing over the loudspeakers. It was absolutely amazing and I've never forgotten how it sounded hearing it in the band hall like that. I've tried playing it over the years but never have gotten very far into it. Props to you guitar slingers who can play it!

    I don't know if it counts as an iconic guitar solo but pretty much the whole song is an iconic guitar solo.

  • Benjybritt
    Benjybritt Member Posts: 1 Member
    edited July 2022

    Noone has yet mentioned amazing Randy Rhoads ,”Crazy Train” from Ozzy Osbourne’s debut solo album “Blizzard of Oz”1980


  • Rick Baumhauer
    Rick Baumhauer Member Posts: 1 Member
    edited July 2022

    There are longer solos, there are more complex solos, but for me the best solo in service to the song is, was, and always will be The Edge's solo in "The Fly". It was the first single from the album that completely reinvented U2 for the 90s, and I still remember the shock of hearing it for the first time. They went as far as they could with sincerity and earnestness in the 80s - becoming the biggest band in the world along the way - and "Achtung Baby" would mark a radical change of direction.

    Edge - never really known for his solos - went deeper into effects, so even though "The Fly" is stripped back to just guitar/bass/drums, the guitar was rarely "just a guitar". The solo starts around 2:50, and the note at 3:15 still gives me chills, every time.

  • mth24car
    mth24car Member Posts: 1 Member

    One of my favorites, not super difficult but just tasty.

  • WaySide Rogue
    WaySide Rogue Member Posts: 3 Member

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCnzDy2tSk0. This one was easy for me as there was literally nothing like it when this hit the air!! Steve Hacketts Firth of Fifth solo . Go to 6 min 12 seconds to start it...

  • nabulaer
    nabulaer Member Posts: 8 Member
    edited July 2022

    I know it is over used, but I just love it. It moves my heart every time I hear that opening notes.

    sweat chil o mine.

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