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  • RexRed
    RexRed Member Posts: 1 Member

    Jake E Lee Solo, Ozzy Killer of Giants.

    Is there any doubt?


  • Matthew Hoskins
    Matthew Hoskins Member Posts: 1 Member

    It has to be this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk9z40NPKBk

    The solo itself starts a 3.34.

    Earl Slick literally shreds so hard on this fantastic solo, bringing it to life, you can actually hear the guitar "taking a deep breath" ... Wow!

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 825 Guru

    Yes, I heard the track on the radio this morning and thought of this thread!

  • mwhowell
    mwhowell Member Posts: 1 Member
    edited July 2022

    "Another Brick in the Wall" lead guitar part. The planets were all in line that day. No one on earth could do what David Gilmour did back then with that song, and rumors are he did it in one take... I've played lead guitar for 55 years now, and Gilmours lead guitar part on "Another Brick in the Wall" is the best I've ever heard or played, and I have heard most of them and played many of them myself.

    Here's an example of what I mean... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1vbkUknnv0

  • jdg
    jdg Member Posts: 1 Member
    edited July 2022

    Sting - Shape Of My Heart

    Because this song has been reborn in several genres

    ~~I don't know if it's suitable~~

  • Finoallafine
    Finoallafine Member Posts: 10 Member

    I'll say Paul Kossoff's solo in Walk In My Shadow with Free (I timestamped it to the solo's beginning)

    It was the first time I really felt like I could understand what somebody was 'saying' through their guitar. His vibrato technique is something I've not heard anybody be able to replicate, and it allows him to express SO much with very few notes. It's not very diverse melodically as he seems to mostly stick to the blues scale, but it's like he absolutely said everything he needed to with what he used. That vibrato sends chills up my spine every time.

    I also think that the error in the second phrase as well as some of the feedback issues (notably after the solo is finished) actually add a lot, as the error sounds like he was going to say something then decided to change his wording. And the feedback makes me imagine him standing up and walking around his studio. It's all a very active performance and full of life. And given that, according to Paul Rodgers, Kossoff leaned into the drugs which would eventually kill him at 25, as something of a defence against being considered one of the greatest guitarists of his time, an excuse for why he might never reach his potential, and that at his heart he was just a sensitive young guy who loved to express himself through music, it's like you can picture him with his eyes closed, at one with his guitar and in that moment totally alone and I guess...Free?

    I have some treasured memories attached to this song as well, but as we're just discussing the solo itself I'll leave it there. An iconic example of a brilliant player who was taken far too early. Sorry for the cheesy 'Free' line, it just felt right ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • R.E.D.
    R.E.D. Member Posts: 3 Member

    My suggestion is actually quite subtle but unmistakable and enhanced by the the sublime production of the track...

    Boston More than a Feeling

  • EonBlueApocalypsee
    EonBlueApocalypsee Member Posts: 1 Member

    I'd have to go with Hotel California by Eagles. Although a lot of Dave Gilmour's work would also come very close!

  • Fielde
    Fielde Member Posts: 1 Member

    Lil Wayne's iconic solo of course

  • georgmierau
    georgmierau Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Dire Straits โ€” "Sultans of Swing"


  • soapmak3r
    soapmak3r Member Posts: 5 Member

    Metallica Orion. Not one solo, but all of the solos from Kirk, James, and Cliff.

  • DJRO47
    DJRO47 Member Posts: 2 Member

    Parliament/Funkadelic Maggot Brain

  • VAGA
    VAGA Member Posts: 1 Member

    The purity of ruff and raw ragamuffing rudeboy energy mixed with the rollercoaster of speedy and slow notes in an off and on beat akin to an M. Davis brass solo,, perfectly complement and push the listener deeper into the midst of the trance that has already engulfed us.

  • -beluga-
    -beluga- Member Posts: 2 Member
    edited July 2022

    That'd be Van Halen's Jump for me (2:15). Why? It's short but full of joy, fun and energy - plus it perfectly leads into a synth solo. Which band outside Jazz dares so much solo in a commercial song?


  • Doingmybest
    Doingmybest Member Posts: 2 Member
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