Save collection = Storing Collection

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Hi there,

Does someone here knows if manually Save Collection is the same thing that Traktor software does automatically when you quit and it displays “Storing Track Collection Window” ?

In other words, to be sure my collection is properly saved, I need to know if I have to do both :

1. Save Collection (right Clic on Track Collection and Save)

2. AND quit Traktor

as it says here that "TRAKTOR creates a backup of your Track Collection each time you close the program" 

thx to the community



  • wayfinder
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    They're the same thing. Although if for some reason Traktor crashes on shutdown, it might not perform the Save (on my system, this happens when I have certain other software running). So I have trained myself to always manually do it before I exit the program. I assigned it a shortcut key and just hit that before closing (or even just after extended metadata update sessions, even if I'm not planning on shutting the app down yet. I feel like Traktor is unstable enough that I risk losing my work otherwise.)

  • Typoboy
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    many Thx for your answer Wayfinder

    I have lost 2 days of work recently with the F%ù#g Flushing Background Tasks message when quitting Traktor :-(

    A friend of mine finally identified that it was because of traktor and the sleep mode of my computer,

    at the end of the 1st day i didn't saved my collection and I lowered the screen to put my macbook in sleep mode...

    then I worked another day but when I wanted to quit I get stuck with the Flushing Background Tasks Message from hell !

    Until that day I never noticed Traktor was saving collection only when quitting...

    Like you, I have also assigned a CMD+S shortcut (****** ?! why traktor doesn't have a standard SAVE shortcut implemented ?)

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