Strange behaviour with NI and iZotope accounts

maniacintosh81 Member Posts: 301 Pro

As I was prompted to login on iZotope site to download free Nectar 4 Elements my browser happily suggested to use my NI login credentials - as the URL for logging in on iZotope is also As both companys are connected nothing really surprising to me, but upon using my saved credentials I got an error. These were not correct for iZotope. They work here on

Just thought: Okay still separated accounts just same URL, tried to create a new account over on iZotope. User already exists. Not sure if I registered already in the past, resetted my password. Got in so far so good. But now it got strange.

Somehow accounts here and on are different but must be linked. I was pretty surprised finding products in my cart over on iZotope. Exactly the items I had put in my cart here on NI. Tried it the other way round: Added an item on iZotope. Back on the NI site this item was now in my cart too. This even works if I have set different passwords for both sites.

If I try to checkout on iZotope it fails to access my addresses and get just blank site with no chance to continue.

Not a big deal at all but somehow strange. But if both sites have side effects with the account to each other it would be really nice if it would be really one account for both sites. One login, one password, one store.

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