Tips: Native Access only shows on Win10 taskbar if two monitors

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Like many others, I've been plagued by the bizarre NA behavior in Win10 of opening only in the taskbar, but not visible on the screen. Searching the old Forum and Google returns the solution of disabling your second monitor. This works sometimes and I'm sure that like me, you love messing around with your carefully arranged setup, unplugging and replugging your HDMI cables, etc. (Grrr!)

I don't know why NA does this - maybe it's a screen resolution thing, but I'm an old Windows keyboard shortcut kind of guy and have discovered a much easier solution. Your mileage may vary, but hopefully it will work for you and if it does, you're welcome and pass on some kindness to someone else. 🙂

  1. Start Native Access
  2. Click on the taskbar, confirm that NA is there and click on it so it's the active app
  3. Press Alt+Spacebar
  4. Press the M key
  5. Use your arrow keys (probably the left arrow) to move it
  6. Voila! Formidable! Easy peasy!


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