What is the best way to fix a glitchy knob?

Curious Shapes
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Hi all,

I have some issues with a glitchy encoder knob and I am hoping that some of you may have encountered similar issues.

I upgraded from Maschine MK1 to MK3 about 7 months ago. Ever since I got the unit one of the knobs (the third one from the left) seems to send erratic information. Sometimes it seems to be a bit 'floaty' and change the values in small increments without me touching it, but sometimes it is totally extreme and doesn't make sense (ex: I turn slightly counter clockwise and the value jumps extremely high in the opposite direction.)

I've included a video of the behavior.

I am inclined to try to repair the unit myself but:

1) I don't want to open it up if this will void a warranty that it still may be under

2) The erratic nature of some of the jumps make me think that simply replacing the encoder will not actually fix the issue

For the last few months this has become more and more of an issue to the point that it is almost unusable. This is extremely frustrating as Maschine is the centerpiece of my workflow and I use it heavily every day. I'm hoping that this is a known issue that I can fix in my own.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!



  • ozon
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    IMO this sounds like a hardware failure and you should open a ticket and try to get a replacement for your defective unit.

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