Can't download K6 or K7, even though it's in " MY PRODUCTS, SERIALS, AND DOWNLOADS"

Annie Gosfield
Annie Gosfield Member Posts: 6 Member


Even though K6 and K7 are listed (with their respective serial numbers) on the "MY PRODUCTS, SERIALS, AND DOWNLOADS" page on the NI website, they are not visible on my page in Native Access. When I input a serial number into Native Access, it gives me the "Success!" pop up message, but nothing else appears. Kontakt 6 Player and Kontakt 7 Player are available on my page in Native Access, but I want to upload the full versions and they are not appearing in Native Access.

I recently bought a new computer, an M3 Max MacBook Pro. My old computer broke, and I am up against a deadline and trying to get this to work. I used the Migration Assistant to move a lot of data, but this is the first time I will be downloading K6 or K7. Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


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