I cannot update to Kontakt 7.10.1 Windows

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Native access will not update to the latest version of Kontakt 7...'update failed'...'installation failed'

Any ideas are welcome

Thank you


  • DunedinDragon
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    Is your Native Access up to date (ver 3.10.3) and is it being run with Administrator rights?

  • PoorFellow
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    It's hard to tell if you have been hit by a Native Access issue that has struck a few users lately or if it is a more 'classical' N.A. . The former just depending on Native Access to update again to fix , the latter needing you to try some things to try to get fixed.

    You didn't tell your OS but I will go with Windows as per your profile page !

    Light version : Exit Native Access , then delete anything related to failed downloads from Download folder destination as well as from Content folder destination ! . Then restart N.A. to see if that helped !

    Longer version :

    Native Access saves information which can make it hard to 'reset' failed downloads. Also remnants of previous download attempts can block ! To 'clean' you will have to both uninstall/remove the app using Windows uninstall (or with library content delete from Content library destination) and then also delete the XML files and maybe RAS3

    Try this to see if that helps ! :

    Exit Native Access , then uninstall Native Access from your computer !

    Then delete anything related to failed downloads from Download folder destination as well as from Content folder destination !

    Then follow trouble shooter here : My Products Are Showing As DEMO in Native Access , especially '2. Your activation fails because of corrupted or missing activation tokens' and '3. You have corrupted XML files' (delete both NA XML and offending Kontakt product XML)

    Then (if still there) delete the whole Native Access directory located at : C:\Users\[YOUR User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Native Instruments\Native Access

    Reboot computer

    Then download N.A. from here

    Then run the downloaded N.A. installer as an Admin and allow it to do it's setup ! (the above did not include removal of your NTKDaemon which ought not matter in this case)

    By now N.A. ought to be started and logged in , but else then run the N.A. app as an Admin and log in.

    Check to see if that helped !

    Otherwise : There has just been introduced chat support for Native Access assistance (at least daytime on normal work days) :

    Quote : For assistance with purchases, accounts, and Native Access, you'll have an option to initiate a chat session. Simply click on the chat icon located at the bottom right corner, and you'll be assisted by a virtual assistant. If your issue remains unresolved after consulting our help articles, a human chat agent will be available to assist you.

    Please refer to the page : How to get in touch with our Customer Care or read my Support page functionality changes post here !

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