Support page functionality changes !

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Is the support page down ? No , it works !

For ALL support, e.g. Purchase and Account or e.g. Native Access support then when you have clicked your choice e.g. Purchase and Account or e.g. Native Access on the support page here ! , then on the next page , then first check the Popular Topics , Related Articles and the visit 'Online Community' to see if there is any answer to your question ! and if it doesn't help then scroll down the page and then notice the little blue box down in the right corner of interface this is the new interface in the works ! So you have to click on that !

EDIT: The N.I. page "How to get in touch with our Customer Care" has now been updated also !

Quote : For assistance with purchases, accounts, and Native Access, you'll have an option to initiate a chat session. Simply click on the chat icon located at the bottom right corner, and you'll be assisted by a virtual assistant. If your issue remains unresolved after consulting our help articles, a human chat agent will be available to assist you.

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