<<TRCK, TRCK>>, and <<DEV buttons no longer work. Please fix

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Significant usability issues are present because certain important functions just don't work on Maschine MK2’s with the official Ableton Live 11 scripts snd template. Specifically the <<TRCK, TRCK>>, and <<DEV buttons. These are very important to navigating around and choosing macro knobs for Maschine to control.

Pushing the TRCK does not switch to either neighboring track.

Pushing DEV>> does move the blue hand’s focus to the device to the right, but pushing <<DEV does not move to the left. This makes using Maschine to select and control the chain’s main/first macro knobs impossible.

A couple users on reddit are also having the same problem.

(forum won’t let me post link)

Apparently these functions used to work in Live 10.

Can you please be so kind as to fix these 3 buttons for live 11 and 12?

I don't think it would be of huge difficulty and it would be very helpful to us!

Thank you so much!



  • no_handle
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    +1 same issue with Maschine MK2 and Ableton 11. I can confirm that the older Ableton 10 remote script worked properly, including the TRCK and DEV buttons.

  • TaoNow
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    I hope Native Instruments fixes this soon.

  • dmsvn
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    +1 same issue

  • alfonso blanco
    alfonso blanco Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    +1 Same Issue, please fix.

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