license already registered?!

Kilspringer Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

My father recently gave me a Traktor S4 mixer mk1 (pretty old). he also gave me the installation disc. everything was going smoothly until it came time to activate the Traktor software (with came with the disc). first of all. it directed me to "service center", which I soon found out was discontinued. so I just said "F it" and chose to just use the demo version for now. then I got the idea to activate with native access. I saw that I had the demo version in my installed list. I then put in the serial number (that came with the installation disc), it said that the product is already registered under that serial #. My dad does not remember any of his login information. im not sure what to do now. is there any way I can use the same licence on 2 different computers? is there a way to just upgrade within the Traktor software?


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