Routing Play Series Drums to Multi Outs

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If you've interested in routing your Play Series Drum Kits to individual output're in luck! Load your Play Series Drum Kit on Pad 1 of a Group and follow the steps below VERY CAREFULLY in the Maschine software or your Hardware Controller (Maschine MK3, Maschine+, or Mikro MK3 :

Step 1: Set up "Multi Outputs" in Kontakt. You can create your own or try using one of the Factory presets. Either way, you'll need to make sure you have 16 Outputs in the Kontakt Mixer.

Step 2: Select Pads 2-16 and change the MIDI Output Dest to S1 - Kontakt

Step 3: Select Channel 1 for MIDI Output for all pads

Step 4: With Pads 2-16 still selected, transpose pads to -23. Unselect all pads, then change Pad 3 to -22, Pad 4 to -21, Pad 5 to -20, etc. NOTE: If you've done this step correctly, Pad 16 will be transposed to -9)

Step 5: Change Input (Audio Source) on Pad 2 to S1 Kontakt-2, Pad 3 to S1-Kontakt-3, Pad 4 to S1-Kontakt 4, etc.

Step 6: Select "Set all pads to sequential outputs" in the Kontakt Play Series instrument NOTE: This setting is found in the "Kit View" of the Play Series instrument (drop-down arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the sample box)

Step 7: Change the Root Note of Pad 1 to C1 NOTE: This step is extremely important because Pad 1 is set to C3 by default which will play the pre-loaded patterns. Changing the Root Note to C1 will make Pad 1 play the first sound in the Drum Kit.

After completing all 7 steps, each sound in the Drum Kit should be routed to individual outputs. If so, I recommend saving the project as a template to avoid having to complete these steps every time you want to route the Drum Kit to individual outputs.

HELPFUL TIP: In the same drop-down menu from Step 6, there's a setting "Retain output setup for current session". You'll need to activate this to retain settings as you switch Drum Kit Presets included in the Play Series instrument or build your own kit.


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    Thanks for sharing this!

    We'll add it to community highlights on our homepage :)

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    This is indeed very good!

    I also have another tip for any drum kit!

    Firstly, use outputs for each individual sound, obviously...

    Then use Solid EQ effect for at least some sounds so that you can create some space for other sounds by removing unimportant frequencies!

    Bonus: use various compression effects from the Dynamics to experiment with different punchy settings for each sound!

    Hope it helps, guys!

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