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    Hi from Poland!

    I'm techno and house maker. I've been using NI products for over decade now. Old enough to remember Generator or first iterations of Traktor software. Started with ReBirth and Trackers, then Reason, Live and Maschine. Over 20 years of looking for perfect setup and still on this journey.

    If you want, check my music on my own micro label:

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    @Simchris well that looks gooooooood 👀
  • TearDownThisWall
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    Hello from Chi-town.
  • Simchris
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    Forgot photo of the s88mkii and left side of room 🙂🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹

    Simchris said:
    Hey party people! MIDI dinosaur; first brand new synth was Sequential PRO ONE the day it came out. I wrote arguably the first hardware MIDI sequencer review for POLYPHONY magazine. In 80s had music used for two cable TV show intro.outro and music played on late night space music radio shows, and positive reviews of my releases in Electronic Musician magazine. 20 year N.I. user, since the beginning :) 
    Forgot to include pic of left side of room in midst of wiring it up, with the s88 mkii
  • JesterMgee
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    ^^That is my online persona, not my real image nor my real name. I love Canadian shows all the way back from DeGrasse Junior High to help date myself, but I live in Australia because it's where I was born and just so happens to be the best place to live so that was a lucky coincidence. 

    I have close to 30 years of production/DJ/music writing experience and feel I know enough to know I need to know more to be good. I am a general Mr Joe Fixit who will attempt to make/improve/destroy anything I see and if I don't know how to do something I will screw it up anyway. Currently working on improving my entire life's existence, looking to be quite an ongoing task by the looks of it but am positive I will have it completed before I die.

    I have produced a lot of music over the decades and have much more I am working on, mostly I make what I like to listen to and googling my handle will no doubt allow you to find something if you wanted to, there's enough noise in the world without me adding to it through forced promoting.

    I hang around to try and offer some help from wasted years of studying as I do seem to know a lot of useless facts about stuff and rather it not go to waste, am happy to help where I can but not here to hold a hand or read the book for you and tell you the plot.... If you read the manual you are cool in my books!.... If you post in ALL CAPS I will reply in a similar obnoxious manner. 

    I have wasted far too much time already as have we all. 

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    There goes the neighborhood!
    Hey everyone!

    I originally started back in '83 with a pair of 1200s and a cheap Radio Shack mixer. 
    In the early 2000's I switch to Denon decks. I started using Traktor Pro after playing out with another DJ who was using Traktor Pro.  
    That was 2009, and I've been using Traktor Pro since. Over the years, I've gone thru various controllers, mixers, laptops, super OEM turntables (never again), but at the heart of it, all was Traktor Pro. I've tried other platforms, but I always come back home. 
    With everyone switching to all-in-one media players, I see myself sticking with my laptop and Traktor Pro.
    I'm staying until the wheels fall off.

    And I just finished watching:

  • ShelLuser
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    Well, I suppose I should too ;)

    First of all: congrats with the new forum, it looks pretty slick and I'm definitely excited to give it a bit of a test drive.

    I'm Peter aka Shell(user), regular on the old forum and I'm quite passionate about synths where my preference goes out for soft synths (so: DAW's and such). I don't consider myself much of a musician (but I'm making progress) but more so an engineer where I focus myself mostly on sound design. The whole thing started more than 10 years ago, around end 2009, when I decided that I wanted a synth of my own which is where I discovered Ableton Live, been using it ever since.

    What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and yah, that's basically where I am now.

    My tools of trade:
    • Ableton Live 11 Suite + Push.
    • Maschine Mk3 + Komplete 13 UC.
    • Reason 11 "suite" (I only use the "rack plugin" within Live these days).
    • Max 8 (also using this as runtime for my 'Max for Live' endeavours).
    • Reaper (used sporadically for experimentation; truth of the story is that I wanted to support the project).
    • Komplete Audio 6.
    Sorry, it had to be done... special mentions:
    • iZotope Ozone 9 (the way to enhance your scores IMO; even NKS compliant so also usable with Maschine).
    • Yamaha Vocaloid (I even own the awesome Miku Hatsune soundbank! Wha? Don't know Miku Hatsune?!).
    • The u-he synth collection as it was once sold on the NI website (I still thank the NI powers that be for that sale!!).
    • SoundIron's Vocal suite.
    • Output essential engines.

    I'm very passionate about the combination of Push + Maschine, for me this is the killer combo so to speak because you can do almost everything behind these 2 controllers. I know it sounds silly but even after almost 3 or so years I still take pleasure in my "ritual" of powering up both controllers, starting up Live and then adding the Maschine VST using the Push controller after which I can also start using my Maschine controller. So basically... once I start Live I can do almost everything without mouse & keyboard, including "powering up" my Maschine B).

    (I actually looked it up: I got my Mk3 23/10/2019, so almost 3 years :wink:

    And that's my story... was pretty active on the forum, hopefully I can continue that a bit :smile:

  • Nico_NI
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    @Simchris Impressive setup! I would be keen to look closely at what's in these Mantis cases 👀

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    ShelLuser said:
    • Yamaha Vocaloid (I even own the awesome Miku Hatsune soundbank! Wha? Don't know Miku Hatsune?!).

    Of course everyone knows Miku! That concert is crazy. Bet you collect soundbanks as well?
  • Kaiwan_NI
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    d_j_m said:

    i am also a middle-aged mom but don't judge a book by its cover cuz i'll house you ;)

    We stan mom who DJs 💃🏻
    SCEENES Member Posts: 2 Member

    Hey guys - I'm reading the forum for a very long time now and thought now is the time to make an account and introduce myself.

    My name is Michael aka SCEENES, I'm from Germany and I teach and produce music.

    Since a lot of members are complaining about missing features, cpu problems, mpc this, akai that... I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the M+ and for my work, the unit is absolutely perfect. (Thank you NI !!)

    I just produced an whole album with the M+ and a guitar. Just mastering everything with Ozone and boom, done.My life couldn't be easier :-)

    (Sorry If this is the wrong place for introductions - If so, just delete it)

    If you have the time, what do you think? Thanks guys

  • Matt_NI
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    @SCEENES We just moved you around ;)

    Happy to have you with us and thanks for sharing your tracks 🙌🚀

    SCEENES Member Posts: 2 Member

    Awesome, thank you!

  • ShelLuser
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    You'd be surprised, there are plenty of people who never heard of the Vocaloid phenomenon ;)

    As for soundbanks... not so much because they're pretty expensive and I couldn't help notice that many soundbanks seem very much alike. Especially the Japanese ones (but... that's probably because the whole language sounds pretty foreign to most of us Europeans) and while there are a decent amount of English voicebanks not all are that great and some websites are kinda weird. For example, I managed to buy the Miku voicebank (Japanese & English) but it was only officially available for v4 of Vocaloid (still worked in v5). But the website was really kinda bizarre, I actually checked my credit card almost every day for the next 2 weeks after :D

    Instead, I did something else... I got myself a Melodyne license and also grabbed iZotope Nectar plus (together with RX8 advanced) which gave me an insane amount of tweaking options. Heck, it even included their Vocalsynth VST. This gave me an insane amount of possibilities; you could even say that with this toolset I can more or less make my own voices (basically changing one into something completely different) :)

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