How to display missing duplicate songs again?

Heisenberg Member Posts: 36 Member

I mark my songs for my sets with five stars.

And now I have marked song XY from a VA with five stars.

And song XY is also on an EP, now my marked song from the VA can no longer be found.

I don't know how many songs disappeared because of this, I just noticed one or two songs.

What do I have to set so that all songs are displayed, even if some of them are duplicates on some albums?

Only the songs are duplicates, the metadata is different, e.g. they have different covers, etc.

Relocating doesn't help, but they're still there in the Windows folder and I can also find them in my Plex App.

I'm sure it wasn't always like that, but I don't know how it happened.

Traktor Pro 3.11.1

Windows 11 all updates

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