Removal of automatic downloads from MASCHINE & KOMPLETE KONTROL

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Since we got asked this a few times, we're adding this thread for visibility.

From MASCHINE 2.15 and KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.7 onwards, automatic file downloads from to the browser will no longer be available. It is still possible to manually download these files from and add them to MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL.

The removal of this functionality comes as part of our development of KOMPLETE NOW, and major changes to Native Access which we are working on implementing. These will use the same NTKDaemon application (our background app that allows our products to communicate with each other). In order to keep NTKDaemon lightweight, performant and efficient, we need to remove it from automatic downloads.

Our Knowledge Base team highlighted tips on how to add content in Maschine / Komplete Kontrol here:


  • nightjar
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    Thanks for clarifying information like this. It speaks well of transparency efforts.. revealing the reasons behind such a decision to omit something.

  • lord of synth
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    Too bad. It was a good browsing experience having the packs appear with images and tags. This feature was the main reason I used vs. Splice.

  • wozithegreat
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    Same here. time to go explore other options. Native instruments really screwed the pooch here. My manual libraries don't even show up in the LIbrary window but it shows up in file directory window.

    is there any plan to add it back in the future or another way? The browser experience is the only reason I've chosen over others like splice. Time to use up the rest of my credits and go shopping for other solutions. really sad to see Native instruments do this to the product. I pay more for that then i will every pay for KOMPLET NOW. That sh!t is DOA for me. but Hey, don't let me stop you guys from running your business into the grown and chasing away customers. Let's not even mention Maschine 3.0 vapor ware that will never come. Really getting tired of this sh!t.

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