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Automatically set loaded tracks to master BPM

Darren JD
Darren JD Member Posts: 5 Sine

Is there a way of doing this without having to press the sync button,

what im trying to do is make my DVS run like a CDJ setup almost,

i want to load a track have it match the master BPM automatically but still be able to nudge and stroke the platter of the deck to adjust the tempo if needed so i dont want sync on al the time only to set the BPM

i got close but i ran into a problem, i mapped my midi controller so when i select a deck it also presses the sync button but i set it so the sync didn't stay on, i thought i had cracked it but if the deck isnt playing the sync won't set to the master which is what i want, so if i load 3 tunes into 3 decks i want all the tempos to be set ready to go

can anyone help in anyway?


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