(Windows) KK in Ableton Live - List of non-working VST3 plugins (no GUI)

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I just tested all my VST3 instrument plugins in KK loaded in Ableton Live, so here is a list of plugins that show no GUI:

  • Algonaut: Atlas
  • Cherry Audio: All plugins
  • D16: Drumazon 2
  • D16: Phoscyon 2
  • Devicemeister: Stepic
  • Evabeat: Melody Sauce 2
  • Gforce: OB-E
  • Gforce: OB-X
  • Gforce: Oddity 3
  • Hexachords: Orb plugins
  • Klevgrand: Slammer
  • Korg: most plugins
  • Kushview: Element
  • Loopmasters: LoopCloud
  • Moog: Mariana
  • Plugin Boutique: Big Kick
  • Plugin Boutique: Scaler 2
  • PluginGuru: Unify
  • reFX: Nexus
  • reFX: Vanguard
  • Robotic Bean: Portatron
  • Sonic Academy: Kick 2
  • Spitfire Audio: BBC Symphonic Orchestra
  • Spitfire Audio: Labs
  • TAL: All Plugins
  • Toneworks: Catalyst
  • UJAM: All plugins
  • UVI: Falcon
  • UVI: Workstation
  • Waldorf: Streichfett

As you can see, it's not just Cherry Audio.

This is a BIG issue, but both NI and Ableton don't seem to care and blame each other.

If anyone has any other plugins that show no GUI, feel free to reply with the name of the plugin.


  • Kymeia
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    Has anyone been able to verify if the Live 12 beta has fixed this? (Somehow I doubt it but still worth finding out)

    I seem to remember being told this also affects some Arturia plugins but may be misremembering

  • nanotable
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    I rarely use KK so I wasn’t aware of that problem. So I just tried it on my M1 Mac (14.3) for the fun of it and … apparently every single VST3 plugin I own can’t be loaded properly (GUI is missing). Doesn’t matter if in Live 11, 12 or KK stand-alone.

    I’ve tried a bunch of Arturia, Audio Damage, Moog, Newfangled Audio, Klevgrand etc synths. Not a single one worked.

    However, once I load a NI plugin (they’re working fine), I can load all these 3rd party plugins that didn’t work before just fine.

    Incredible (very much credible).

  • Reefius
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  • Kymeia
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    That sucks but if you have access to the beta can you please raise it as a discussion thread in the beta forum? (if someone hasn't done so already)

    Hopefully it will get fixed before release (if it is their issue - my assumption is it's probably a bit of both)

  • Kymeia
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    This is a longstanding Windows issue and it's pretty well established that it is not be happening on Mac (although there is a different graphics issue in Logic on Mac but not in Live). It sounds like what you experienced temporarily was something else (maybe due to not using it for a while and things needing updating?)

  • nanotable
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    That’s very well possible, although I’ve opened KK standalone from time to time, usually after I’ve installed new stuff. I don’t know, maybe I’ll reset the database or something. But at the same time I hesitate to dig deeper at this point tbh, it would be a waste of time as I don’t plan to use KK to load 3rd party instruments anyway.

    In any case, it happened on my system, and I just wanted to document it for posterity.

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