eLicenser POS Error message when starting Maschine software

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Hello everybody,

when I start Maschine, the following error message appears a few times in succession:

This happens when the software scans the VST plugins during starting:

Scanning VST(s) - GA_Classics_CLEAN

Scanning VST(s) - GA_Classics_CRUNCH

Scanning VST(s) - GA_Classics_DRIVE

Scanning VST(s) - GA_Classics_LEAD

Scanning VST(s) - Morphing_ChStrip_...

Scanning VST(s) - REV-X_HALL

Scanning VST(s) - REV-X_PLATE

Scanning VST(s) - REV-X_ROOM

I know the eLicenser software from when I worked with Cubase but I have no eLicenser software or Cubase on my current computer.

It also shows error messages that VST cannot be loaded when I work with different kits. This may be related to each other.

Does anybody have a clue what the solution could be?

Best regards

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