I can't find folder for third party libraries

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After not using VSTs for a for several years (I used to use them for composing/recording), I bought a laptop and plan to start again for live use in Gig Performer.

I was able to get an upgrade to Konakt 6 (from Konatk 4) and I think I installed all the included libraries.

Several third party libraries I had bought are showing upon in Native Acccess, including Garritan Personal Orchestra and Stradavari Solo violin.

When I click on "Install" it seems to be telling I should have certain folders already there as the location to install the library. The folder should be located as follows: C:/Users/Public/Documents/ and then (for example) Garritan Personal Orchestra.

But, the folder is not currently there (and why would it, since this is a new install on this computer). So, It does not seem to allow me to proceed with the install.

So, I guess I am missing something. Do I need to install it from the orginal disks (and then how were all the bug fixes handled)? (I think I still have them and the serial numbers)

Thanks for people who answer questions (EvilDragon was very helpful for my last one).



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    You would need to get those third party library installers from the developer. They may be registered as valid NI libraries, but that is just a licensing thing, NA will not provide the installer.

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    Okay, thank you, I was starting to realize that is what I was missing. Got it.


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