Second ticket submitted in 1 week time, I can't install my KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTORS EDITION Update

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Download speed is like 14k model with latest Native Access (Windows 11), despite being on a Fiber 1.25GB connection. One day passed it's still installing a 24GB package. This is not workable for me. I submitted one ticket, 5 days later, nothing...just submitted a second.

Please NI, let m buy a flippin' hard drive version or give me ISO access so I can manually download these to my download directly and get this back up and running. (on a new HDD), I just want to start fresh with it all. Why is this so hard?



  • cleverest
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    I have 300+ to install and it will take 13 hours for a single 13GB one to install? I've been on this screen for a DAY because Amati Viola is like 24GB... HELP??

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    Sometimes it looks as if users have had problems with some expansions and not with others. Anyway , rather that clicking the download all button then maybe try to download (other) single selected expansions. I think it at least worth a try ! But if it is a location based problem then that will not help.

    Also , some users that have had download problems have used a VPN and have had success using that though not a guaranteed fix either..

    Other users have reported that they suspected their own ISP to be the cause of the problem.

    I have no idea what is the problem for you and all I can do for you is to report some the findings that has transpired here already ! (Network problems , if that is what it is , are complex in nature)

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    Ive made 2 tickets and 2 posts about bandwidth throttling over the last 2 years. Each time Native Instruments has blown me off, tried to force me to jump through hoops to "test" my connection.

    30 year net/sysadmin here. Ive had identical throttling issues between my networks and NI:

    -on 3 different workstations

    -on 2 different ISPs at 2 different Bay Area(California) home addresses (comcast and 2Gb synchronous fiber with frontier)

    -on 2 different routers

    -zero bandwidth issues exist between these networks/systems and EVERY OTHER vendor I use, including numerous other Berlin-based vendors. Nobody throttles me down to 20-100mbit except NI.

    If you sell libraries amounting to TERABYTES of data for $1000s, you should definitely remove throttling from those customers if your goal is to not annoy them.

    The last time I reached out to customer support about this, they said "install our support tool" instead of acknowledging this -- as if the bandwidth issue would be revealed to be something local by their "tool", lmao. I have my own tools, and this really isnt rocket science. Either your providers' peering arrangements are bad, or your CDN is literally throttling customer bandwidth per policies created on that network - policies created on behalf of NI.

    Im tired of this conversation.

  • cleverest
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    I really would like a solution. Ultimately I don't care about the cause. I just want to be able to install what I paid for. (hard drive would be ideal.), but I'd take access to the ISO files for downloads too...just something to avoid this downloader through Native Access that is internet is FAST, and has no issues outside of this ridiculously slow install. I'm on a fast home Cable network, nothing fancy, no VPN, not network devices causing issues.

    I'm not willing to install them one by one in mass and they still install slowly, so then it's even worse I guess...Since posting this post 1 of them managed to install, out of 300+


  • PoorFellow
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    Luckily I do not work here or at N.I. and luckily it is not my responsibility but that of N.I. . So I am sorry if my 'observations' were either not of use or considered inaccurate in the situation.

    I hope that you will get better experiences in the future but judging from what you write above then I wouldn't count on it !

  • cleverest
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    @PoorFellow - That was a really odd second response, honestly. You can't be right all the time, so why do you apologize for being inaccurate. At least you responded!

    I'm sorry you felt like I didn't provide whatever you felt I needed to provide in my response, or if you feel I responded in a way that wasn't beneficial (or rude?), your ideas just didn't apply to my case. I'm just very frustrated and this is not my error or mistake. This IS NI's issue to resolve, without a doubt.

    I simply want to be able to install what I paid good money for. There is nothing else is wrong network/speed wise with my ISP/connection besides Native Access, so the fault 100% lies with their provided solution, which isn't working. I want an alternative solution from them. I didn't think you worked for them, obviously, I'm just venting.

    Thanks for trying anyway, if that helps.

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    I guess NI servers are overloaded at this Sale season as many new purchases and huge downloads.

    I used to have similar problems when K13 went out. That time NI has gave me links for big chunks like Stradivari ones....

    Generally, I get reasonable download speeds from NI. Something like 30-40 Gbit.

  • OmegaII
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    @Cleverest Use a VPN or another IP range ( ISP ) , it has something to do with their CDN network being ****** and rerouting certain ip ranges incorrectly so the download is super slow or does not work at all. I had the same issue, but I couldn't download at all. Once I download through VPN ( or another ip range) it works.

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    I am very sorry if I made you feel that there were something that you did wrong. I were surely not meaning to.

    I was trying to respond to both you and Milkman at the same time and didn't see that it would benefit in anyway to try to discuss anything further with you since my initial post appeared to be of no help. So I tried to 'gracefully' exit the 'discussion' which I can see now that I failed to do.

    Anyway , sorry for any misunderstanding that my clumsy attempted gracefulness may have caused !

  • PoorFellow
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    Just stumbled over this :

    Native Access Download problems - CDN :

  • josefromeo12
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    "La vitesse de téléchargement est de 14 ko avec le dernier Native Access (Windows 11), malgré une connexion en fibre de 1,25 Go. Une journée s'est écoulée et l'installation d'un package de 24 Go est toujours en cours. Ce n'est pas fonctionnel pour moi. J'ai soumis un ticket, 5 jours plus tard, toujours rien... je viens d'en soumettre un second.

    S'il vous plaît, NI, laissez-moi acheter une version sur disque dur ou donnez-moi un accès ISO pour que je puisse télécharger manuellement ces fichiers directement sur mon disque dur et remettre en marche tout ça (sur un nouveau disque dur). Je veux juste repartir de zéro avec tout cela. Pourquoi est-ce si compliqué ?"

  • PoorFellow
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    As far as I know then N.I. are no longer providing hard drive versions of Komplete .

    Also , as far as tickets goes then do NOT open a new ticket when you do not get a response instead update the existing ticket. And there is a sale going on so expect long response tine , especially for issues with no easy fix !

    As for providing ISO downloads then only support can provide those so if they should be willing to provide any links then you have to wait for them to response ! There are some download of previous versions of stuff listed in public : Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries / compatibility with K6 older libraries :

  • reffahcs
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    As far as I understand Native Access if it says an item is installing then it's past the download phase, so VPN, network etc... doesn't seem to be the issue here.

    I'm not super versed it Windows 11 other than when I have to use it at work. But it could be an anti-virus issue, folder/file permissions, registry problem.

    Did you have Komplete on your computer before, or is this your first time installing it? Did you make any recent changes to the content location or application locations in Native Access?

  • Milkman
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    The throttling I see has no connection to sales or sale seasons or temporary server overloads. Ive had the identical issue no matter when Ive tried to download my library.

    A year or so back, I was still using Cubase and struggling with the instability widely seen in that DAW, and I wound up reinstalling windows 3-4 times in 6 months to make sure the workstation was always clean when troubleshooting with them. As a result, I unexpectedly had to download my ENTIRE K14 ultimate library over and over again, and each time I saw the same pattern: initial download speeds would hit 900-1000mbit or so, then drop down to 30-100mbit for the remainder of the downloads. Again, this happened on various systems, various networks, various home addresses. Sometimes a few of those downloads would fail and need to be restarted, typically taking the better part of 2 full days.

  • cleverest
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    Thank you to everyone for your responses and trying to help. It is appreciated.

    The issue is resolved. They provided download offline installers, which was great, but I noticed that installing when these while they are placed in the DOWNLOADS folder as specified in Native Access for the DOWNLOADS PATH, still ignored them and just downloaded them again adding a 1 to the file name....completely rendering the offline installers pointless, UNLESS I am doing this wrong. Do I place those isos in the DOWNLOADS folder and start the install or not? (for future purposes if this happens again I mean)

    The main issue appears to have been the brand new SSD (x10 from Crucial) which for some reason had a massive WRITE SPEED ISSUE...It appear to have also been dramatically affecting the download speeds in addition to the installation speed, so once I replaced that with another drive (I used a WD BLACK NVME in an external SSD casing from Insignia) and WOW the speed was waaaaay faster (dare I say, normal).

    Thanks again everyone! Getting help in installing this in the future via OFFLINE method (without it just re-downloading again) would be helpful, or is the offline method only good for opening individuals ISO files and installing them from each installation? (not using Native Access at all in that case?)

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