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Just wanted to let you all know. Everyone who can't download anything with Native Access. When you get Download Failed on everything, of a Timeout.

It's due to Native Instruments CDN they are using. And you IP block is not routed properly, so you don't get a download location offered.

I had the exact same issue last year in oktober. At the end they gave me download links for everything. But that wasn't really the solution.

Now after 1 reply that I should deregister all my applications with their tool, and then dead silence since the start of the week.

And no reply on the second ticket I opened, I finally figured what I already was thinking

So what did I do. I opened Process Monitor on Windows, checked what Natives Access and NTKdaemon where actually doing. NTKdaemon downloads a metalink that it puts in the c:\Windows\Temp folder. Then it sends the location to aria2c.exe to download it.

Ok, so. I got aria2c. Gave the metalink file to aria2c and activated logging. Then I always got the following error: 2023-11-30 17:00:10.746046 [DEBUG] [] No URI returned from selectFaster()

That's strange, but not really knowing how metalink worked I ignored it for now and when in to a deep dive to make it wasn't my system, without any result.

Today I thought, but what if I'm right? What if it is Native Instruments network that is the issue. Let's try to activate a system wide VPN connection. And yes, suddenly it's able to provide an URI and able to download.

So the only conclusion I have is that my ISP's IP block isn't routed correctly in Native Instruments CDN. And I wouldn't be surprised that the root cause of most download problems is simply this.

The sad thing is. Support isn't capable enough to register the information I gave them and reroute it to the technical team. Or at least I never saw any aknowledgement they are doing anything with my information. So my last hope is that someone from NI is roaming this comunity and does something about it.

My country is Belgium by the way. And the last time Native Access worked, years ago, I was with a different provider. So I'm sure it's related to the IP block.

I'm happy I got it resolved for myself. And I can only hope it gets fixed forever by NI. As not everyone has access to a VPN service. And it shouldn't be needed to have one to make their downloader work.


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    Really? Noone? Not even someone from Native Instruments ... this really says it all about the product and this """"community""" ...

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    NI usually claim VPN services are WHY downloads are slow/fail. You know, got to make sure no cold war-targeted countries are also buying their products. Just because oligarchy/governments are starting wars, doesnt mean companies cant also get into that action am I right? Its what the people want!

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