Having a very strange issue where libraries load with "missing files" but can be fixed with a click.

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Hi, I just spent around half an hour, twice including this time (injured fingers, heh) typing out all the info for this question but I guess this site deleted it? So bear with me if I'm not wording this as clearly as I did before. That'll teach me not to have local backups in .txt files I guess. Here we go again...

When I load "Budapest Abstract Vibes" from Karanyi Sounds from my default 3rd party Kontakt libraries directory, Kontakt pops up with a "missing files" box. Sometimes it's missing 540 files, sometimes 528, sometimes 30-something, sometimes 7. I can fix this instantly (for the moment) by clicking "Browse for files" and double clicking any of the files that pop up immediately in the file browser (it opens to the correct directory and all the "missing" files are quite literally right there, so I have no idea why Kontakt keeps assuming the files are missing, this is the confusing crux of the issue here), but it does this every single time I either load a patch from this library, or switch patches with it already open.

When I move the library over to my Downloads directory, however, it loads without a hitch, and no "missing files" dialog boxes to speak of whatsoever. The only reason I feel I can reasonably assume this could be happening is that the file path from my default directory is too long for either Kontakt 6 or Windows 10 to handle.

For context, this is my default 3rd Party Kontakt Libraries directory location (I had to set it up this way so all 3rd party libraries would load in the Libraries tab and be all in one place, any other more preferrable locations did not provide this desired result unfortunately, or else my OCD would've demanded I place it somewhere other than the Factory Library folder): C:\Users\Mike\Music Creation\Plugin Content\Native Instruments\Kontakt Factory Library\Instruments\3rd Party Kontakt Libraries

So all things considered, what could be the actual reason why Kontakt insists there are missing files in this library every time I load something from it, when it has the correct directory and all files are there? Is there any fix that can be employed without moving the entire 3rd Party Kontakt Library directory to my root folder or something similar?

I found this in my search, but the solution did not solve this issue: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/1390/how-to-keep-kontakt-library-folder-structure-intact-between-win-macos

I don't know if I'm alone, or if it's genuinely harder nowadays to find relevant results to niche technical searches like this. But I didn't really find any other results that are even remotely relevant, hence why I'm posting here.



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    I tried adding another link to a page I found in my search for context, but this site says I'm not allowed to post links until I've been registered longer. However I can't edit to remove the link that's already there. How funny to be having such a confounding technical issue even on the forum I'm posting on to fix another seemingly obscure, mysterious issue. Today is a funny day. Guess I'll just add any extra info needed in replies rather than editing my post again.

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    When new users post huge threads + links it gets in the moderation cue, moderators have to manually approve it, it's done now. :)

    This is annoying but without such extreme measures we would be overwhelmed with bots.

    Which thread do you want me to keep, this one or the other one?


    Pick one and let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Apologies for the very late answer. This one is fine, I feel it's worded better anyway. Blessings in disguise. No worries about your guys' policy, I was just a bit confused as to what happened.

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