How to keep Kontakt Library folder structure intact between Win & MacOs?

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Hi there,

I'm using a studio pc (Windows) and got myself a new M1 Pro Macbook for the road.

Ideally I want to be able to take Cubase/Ableton projects from the studio and open them without hassle on the Macbook and vice versa. My sample library is stored twice, once on each system. (Since the folder/drive structure is different on Win/Mac their paths are not identical).

As far as installed programs and plugins are concerned, that's fine. Kontakt libraries work, as long as they are the type that registers in Kontakt (*.nicnt).

But: What about all other Kontakt libraries, the ones with an .nki and a sample folder. The moment I open a Cubase project that has one, Kontakt tells me files are missing and I need to relocate. Yes, there is an option in the database setting to "Include samples in database scan" that probably solves it but it is strongly advised against using that since it will noticably degrade the performance.

What can I do? Say the sample folder on my studio windows pc would be

"D:\Samples\Specific Library"

How can I replicate that structure on my Macbook so it can load the library without asking?

Via Symlink?

Thanks a lot!


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  • EvilDragon
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    You're in luck!

    Check Options->Loading->Non-Player content base path. That plus symlinks is the solution indeed. More info here:

  • Terrarius
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    Hi Evil Dragon,

    that is amazing! Tried it today and it worked. Lucky indeed!

    Thanks a lot.

  • drewconleycomposer
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    I rejoiced when I found this answer (and the other thread explaining it in more detail), however after setting it up on my mac and my colleague's windows machine, we're still having the same issue of Kontakt searching for samples in the wrong place. We have a decent size template with many Kontakt instrument tracks, some which are disabled, and our file structure is the same on both computers (two drives of samples, and a kontakt user library folder with symlinks). When loading a project coming from the other computer, we get the "State of some Kontakt instances cannot be resolved" error consistently on several different there a way to troubleshoot these since it's always the same samples every time?

    Even worse, any disabled tracks which have instruments from some of the misbehaving libraries (eg. CinePerc) each pop up with the "State" error when the track is activated. Very frustrating!

    We are on Kontakt 6.6.1...does 6.7 handle this issue any better?

  • EvilDragon
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    Hmm I wonder if this is related to the fact that you disable the tracks. There were no changes in this area between 6.6.1 and 6.7.0.

    Can you confirm that projects without disabled tracks port between Win and Mac normally? I've had no issues porting projects between two Windows machines that had libraries installed in completely different places (and don't have a Mac to test this out, unfortunately), but had their paths "normalized" via symlinks in one single folder that is then used as non-Player content path.

    Also if it's the same library every time, this might also mean that the paths between the two machines aren't exactly the same, after all. Might require closer inspection.

    Oh, and in Options->Loading, you of course should have the option to store paths referenced in host projects as relative enabled (checkbox is filled white) - on both machines.

  • drewconleycomposer
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    Still having this issue, even on sessions with no disabled tracks. I've double checked that the library drives match exactly, and Kontakt is using an identical folder full of symlinks on both the Mac and Windows machines. After loading up a new session from the other computer, Kontakt seems to be searching for the samples in the wrong place rather than the non-Player content folder...either the path of the original sample drive or the path of the non-Player content folder on the other machine (since it's windows and mac I won't be able to make this path exactly the same). The relative paths checkbox is enabled.

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