KK MK3 and Maschine

laserbeak Member Posts: 65 Member

I've tried running the KK MK3 from Maschine today:

  • Looked for Komplete Kontrol, it's not present in my list of plugins
  • Loaded a Kontakt instrument, the GUI shows up on both Maschine and KK
  • I move to the next track/pad in Maschine, load another instrument, its GUI shows up on both controllers.
  • I switch tracks/pads back to the first instrument, but the GUI doesn't change back to the first instrument's GUI
  • I press the "Next" button on the KK MK3 and Session Strings loaded... This also happened when I was trying earlier with a totally different instrument. Right now I'm using "Ethereal Earth" and "Mallet Flux", if it makes a difference.

I was hoping I could load the Komplete Kontrol Plugin into Maschine and have it running on the KK while doing other things separately on Maschine, or whatever would happen really.... as long as it worked.....

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