Can I re-register in NI system?

Viot Pkaell
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Some time ago I installed Komplete Now and a couple of other products. Now I want to purchase Komplete 14 Standard and make a fresh start. I want to use new account in order to use new e-mail, install new version of Native Access, everything will be new, except for my MacBook. The question is - is it possible to register new account and new product on the same Mac or maybe it is already 'tagged' with the current one?

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  • Uwe303
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    you can do that exactly as you described it. You just loose the stuff from the first account but you don't need it if you have komplete standard 14 so........

  • Viot Pkaell
    Viot Pkaell Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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    @Uwe303 thank you for the response. Another question arises - is it necessary to fully uninstall all what was previously installed as part of Komplete Now and the Native Access itself? Otherwise it will only occupy disc space, right?

  • Monochrome
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    You just need to uninstall those products that aren't part of Komplete 14 Standard.

    For instance: 'BATTERY: NOW EDITION', 'DUETS', 'FEEL IT', 'ALICIA'S KEYS', 'MASSIVE X Expansion NOW' and 'Rudiments' are not part of it.

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