Maschine Studio Wheel - scroll through tracks in Studio One

Dr.Much Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi I have a question , is there a possibility In the controller editor of Ni, the big wheel on the Maschine Studio set so that I can scroll with this through the tracks in the arrangement ?

I work with Studio One 

maybe there are people here who know well with Midi CC and know how to program this 

Thank you


  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,747 Expert

    I could be wrong, since I sold my Studio, but…isn’t it already working that way? Maybe in browse mode…or edit mode…can’t recall…

    In any case, Studio one has midi learn, so it should be enough to search for the function you want to assign (in this case scroll through track) and learn the wheel

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