How can I use Push 2 and M32 together?

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Hi, kind humans.

I am trying to use my komplete kontrol M32 midi controller together with my push 2, but some of the keys are behaving bad. The low B and the middle C key. They are acting with very much delay, if they react at all. And the velocity is always as low as possible, no matter how hard I press. I am switching the octave and those two keys are acting the same. And this happens only when my Push 2 is connected as well. I have a friend who said it is a software problem, so I am tying to solve it from the midi preferences in Live. I've tried many combinations, but nothing seems to change at all.



  • JesterMgee
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    Are you able to post a screenshot of your MIDI preferences?

    So when you shift the octave up and down the issue is staying with the same physical key or it moves with the octave shift?

    If you open Komplete Kontrol standalone, do you have any issues there?

    Both should work just fine together, I use Push and an MKII series keyboard without problems so should not be an issue between the 2, could be a misconfiguration in the MIDI settings or maybe a mapped MIDI command is messing with something.

  • Marsicus
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    After all, my solution was to disassemble the M32 very carefully, and I found that there was one ribbon cable half removed. So I put it back in, and I cleaned behind the keys with alcohol. Now it makes very good contact and works as new. I wasn't going to disassemble it, because the last screw is behind a sticker saying "Don't open", but it almost stopped working completely. So there was nothing to lose, actually.

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