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When opening up my DAW (Reaper), a message (in screenshots) saying the following, "One or more Kontakt instances cannot be recalled correctly, perhaps due to missing content. Please open any Kontakt instance in your host, Komplete Kontrol or Maschine to resolve the issue."

I researched this message and a common cause is missing file paths, but I literally did nothing to cause this. This just happened out of nowhere. When opening up Kontakt, a window appears (in screenshots) saying "Thank you for using Native Instruments Kontakt 7!" along with 3 options: Demo, Buy, and Activate. When choosing Activate, it brings me to my product manager and a lot of programs are missing related to Kontakt (ex. Drum Lab). Again, I had these programs for a long time when I purchased KOMPLETE 12, why is it doing this all of a sudden when I have not done anything on my computer? Could there be an obvious solution that I'm missing, for example somehow I was using a trial version of Kontakt and I need to purchase the full program now?

For reference I'm using a Windows 11 PC. Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Update: When booting up my computer today I went to Native Access and sure enough all 35 items (screenshot in attachments, I had only 10 items appear when I was having the issue) in my project manager have reappeared, and a few of them had updates available (which I went ahead and

    did). I went to my DAW to see if the prior missing VSTs would play normally and sure enough they do.

    While the issue has resolved itself quite literally, and I'm not 100% certain on the cause, but I will bookmark these threads in case the same thing happens in the future.

    Thank you everyone.


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