Delayed DevTalks and Status of Native Access



  • Russellmus
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    Is the ability to select which formats of a plug-in we install anywhere on the roadmap? Having to install aax and vst which I have no use for annoys me somewhat :)

    [email protected] Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Please, I know that you do not support Linux and probably you don't even want to hear this, but reality is that actually many are using Native Instrument software on Linux. Like I do, as a licensed user of Ultimate Collector 13 and 14. And I do not use Windows to make music, at all. All of us Linux users are forced to use the old Native Access because the new "Access 2" doesn't work. So, please, what I ask is to don't dismiss old version until the new one is made working on Linux, by the community, nobody is asking you to do anything, just don't close Native Access legacy support.


  • Truth42
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    Thanks for the update. I have to say, however, that my experience of Native Access 2 has been pretty poor. I'm running Ventura on an M1 iMac. I've lost count of the number of times that I've downgraded back to version 1.

    The most recent downgrade was a couple of days ago when I purchased Sonuscore's Time Textures. After accepting the serial number Native Access 2 did not show any sign of Time Textures. It simply wasn't there. So I downgraded to version 1, which did show Time Textures but refused to allow me to download it. So I upgraded back to 2, which was finally showing Time Textures and I was at last able to download the instrument.

    All of this took about three hours, including a long email exchange with Sonuscore support, who had no idea what was causing the issue.

    Hate to complain but something like this shouldn't be happening.

  • diskmag
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    The offline is prioty for me and then CONTENT... always want the content for NOW subs...

  • phonky
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    Just so you see there are more of us. Yes, I know you guys don't seem to care. But we exist. Linux user, with Native Instruments since Komplete 2. I would spend way more in NI stuff if it became linux compatible. I am with you

    @[email protected] Fabrizio

  • ThatAdamGuy
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    THANK YOU sincerely for the transparent and frank communication; it's much appreciated!

    And I am delighted to hear that you're going to facilitate uninstallation of libraries; I recently did the manual install process for a few libraries on my Mac and it took me more than 30 minutes to review the documentation, tackle all the steps, etc.!

    One matter I really wish you'd prioritize is enabling a larger browse window in Komplete Kontrol. Although I realize this is so commonly overstated in tech (I'm a Program Manager in Engineering!), I genuinely believe this must be fairly straightforward since for end users we can just update some settings in text files (though we have to do this for every release).

    Thanks again, and all the best!

  • Miri Astro
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    Thanks for the update!

    MLARS Member Posts: 24 Member

    Would love to see UX improvements in moving sample libraries between storage locations and an overview on what storage device (with load speeds; red if too slow and ideal speed gives a green light) each sample library resides.

    NAS apps for a Kontakt server would be an interesting option to explore.

    With more third party partner vendors, please add a M-chip compatability icon on software.

    Really nice to hear uninstall UX to be improved.

  • jokeyweb
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    Hi all, will be ever possible to avoid downloading again everything when getting a new laptop?

    As per this post,

    at the moment the only option on Windows is either to download again everything or to 'locate' each single library, and that's not viable having hundred of libraries to manually locate.. while downloading again more than a terabyte of data is quite annoying and might even take weeks depending on network :(

    Hopefully something is in place in the future?


  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 211 mod

    Hey! Granular installations are something we're working towards. First step is to get our product out of the installers that we have and install files directly onto your devices. A few of these types of products already exist, but we need to discuss the follow-up steps more in detail later. How granular it'll be (aax/vst only for example) still remains tbd, but for NKS instruments the ability to download samples on demand for example is something we're interested in. Will post more insights when we're ready to share.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 211 mod

    None of our products are Linux compatible if I recall correctly. Native Access is representative of our ecosystem, so if one of our products was directly marketed towards Linux users we'll need to revisit this, but as far as I know we don't explicitly do so. Would be happy to be proven wrong. Native Access Legacy was not explicitly supporting Linux either AFAIK. Native Access Legacy will still be available for users in older/unsupported ecosystems, but we'll simply not support it.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 211 mod

    Hey, gonna chase this down. Sorry that you're experiencing this. Did you have the Legacy Toggle available in Native Access 2? Go to Preferences - Legacy Products and turn that on. You might need to locate the product if you've installed it via them. I'll chase it down anyway.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 211 mod

    Offline is a contentious topic we're going to talk about later down the line. We have a lot to take care of, and fixing install issues, uninstall, and installer updates is higher priority now.

    I can't say much about Komplete NOW since nothing is announced, but there are talks going on. I will be able to share more in Q4's DevTalks maybe.

  • Hayo_NI
    Hayo_NI Product Team Posts: 211 mod

    Passing this on to the Komplete Kontrol lads! Thanks :)

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