Request: HID with Phase Essentials



  • D-One
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    edited July 2023

    wow... that's quite a smart trick.

    It requires an SL Box and/or a Serato Pro DVS license, right? ouch... I kind of feel like at that point one might just call it a day and use Serato.

  • Owner
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    On the one hand, I'm fascinated that someone comes up with such an idea, on the other hand, I'm a bit worn down by the honesty of the consequences. It just shows very well how high the pain threshold is in order not to just jump the ship. I'll definitely do it sooner or later and just switch instead of building the workaround around the workaround. I'll definitely try this way to get a feel for what it might could be like with Traktor and HID. But probably more in the studio, because for a club setup it's too cumbersome for me to consider it this way.

    anyway, thanks @pARty_bOy for not giving it up and share this idea with us!

  • pARty_bOy
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    The only if is, we have to “restart” timecodes every 24min, no issue for me (“shift+tab” to serato & restart decks by pressing keyboard 1 or 6 for each deck. but if you edit the mp3 and extend it to 1>3 hours you dont need to reset TC, or you can also have a midi controller to reset/restart traktor timecode in serato.

    Im still using Traktor because of the Remix Decks, and Traktor scratching sounds better than Serato.

  • edukees
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    Any news for this? I'm planning to get phase to use it with traktor, is it that bad the cue drifting?

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