What is next for Maschine +, road map?



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    I've never gotten a Maschine Plus. In fact I still use a mk1 controller which works perfectly and I like its old school pixel displays like a MPC2000. The reason I never got a Plus is because I was concerned about the exact same things this thread is discussing. A very under powered processor only capable of running old NI plugins and no decent hardware interface to program a patch from scratch. I don't really know what market NI were chasing.

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    I came to M+ from groovebox/sampler world and have never used Maschine software on PC…

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    Still no proper info...

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    So what do we do now if this is true?

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    I asked myself the same question the other day, with Akai not wanting to get involved. Push 3 also has a lot of problems. I'll most likely stay with Reason - which will probably also be sold, which I'm not happy about at all because it's been my favorite DAW for 20 years and I'll have a hard time switching to something else. I guess we are already at the stage where the pro-audio industry has its best years behind us. The market has saturated and society has changed. Young people often don't have a dekstop computer - they have a phone or tablet and they want to make music on that. This is their tool. They don't think like people born in the 70/80s or even the 90s. Standalone doesn't exist for them, and they probably don't even know that such a thing exists. Hence, it's no wonder that it's getting harder and harder for companies to sell something. 

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    This isn't fundamentally a generational-mindset thing.

    It's about seeing (or anticipating) better choices without being clouded by prejudice.

    I see good things ahead... the most expressive and creative tools ever held by humans... and more affordable than ever.

    I hope NI is part of this.

  • Percivale
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    If this everlasting wait continues, it could be a redefinition of the phrase "rage against the maschine"..

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    I will love to see an improvement on GUI interface to move parameters of synths like on MicroFreak or TI OP1. I think the quality of screens support something like that

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    The problem is that this hardware relies heavily on NI and it’s servers to stay up and running to (re)activate the product and its libraries.

    If they’re down or are not willing to support it any longer then the M+ becomes really ‘standalone’.

    I think this is totally different from for example an Elektron Digitakt and/or Syntakt, a Roland SP-404 or some other (and even older) standalone hardware. You can make a backup and reset or restore those devices independently and continue to use them.

    Yes the Maschine Plus may be a beast of its own (at least, that’s what I thought when I bought it), but its this kind of dependency and the lack of support from NI as a vendor that worries me.

    So NI, at least share a roadmap. If you’re planning to pull the plug on this one… than please fix the bugs, make use of the wifi to load and (re)store libraries and projects to a local network, and make this thing really standalone. Thanks.

  • AdelV
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    I myself don't know what to think anymore, it's a bit bad for me to ask for some information and what's next planned for Maschine Plus. I just bought an Akai MPC One+ and I think I'm leaving Maschine and the NI ecosystem for a while. I don't like how long it's been since the update, the lack of communication and the sum total of anything new. The Maschine software in its current version is basically 10 years old - of course there have been changes and innovations, but they are still not perfect. Timestreching, for example. I experienced a shock when I saw that the MPC in standalone can show me even the key of a sample, which is a very big improvement and is important in production (and update info after pitch shift <3). Of course, it's not perfect here either, and Akai needs to refine a few things. Well, but there is something going on there....

  • djadidai
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    I’ve been focusing on the Roland MC-707 lately to learn how it works. I’ve also hooked it up to my M+ and started creating a project where I use both units live and they do complement each other very well I must say. However. Yesterday I used the M+, alone, I unplugged it from the studio and brought it to the kitchen. Just me, M+ and a pair of headphones. I haven’t had this much fun creating a track since I don’t know how long. Because I wanted to learn the 707 and started searching sounds and create vibes and stuff I got confused, which one should lead? The answer became super clear now that I focused on my baby for 2 days. I don’t see honestly why people are chasing an update or roadmap. The M+ is so easy to work with and it comes packed with so many features it’s insane. I know it lacks a few minor things (the probability thingy the 707 has is fun), but it’s still a beast, it’s easy to work with, it sounds great, it’s got a few powerful half-outdated instruments (massive, monark, fm8) but they are still very competent and highly tweakable even if using a preset to get started with a sound is more or less necessary. 16 pages of macros!! If you play around long enough you’ll get a hang of where things are in the pages, and tbh that’s the only “menu diving” that’s necessary to get a hang of, the 16 pages of macros on massive. Compared to the menu diving I’ve been doing on the 707 (not to mention my sons 101!!!!). It is far deeper, and the “tone tracks” are super tweakable and performant, I agree with that but it’s very limited compared to the M+ when it comes to patterns, scenes, arrangements, effects, and so on….

    M+ might lack some things other units have, but remember it’s vice versa also.

    Anyway, what I mean to say is: be grateful for what you have instead of sad about what you don’t. Make music and enjoy life! Peace and love

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    My main concern is not too much about what it can or cannot do.

    When I bought my M+ I knew what it could do, that it has the wonderful Maschine workflow that I love so much and that is so fun to use, that, albeit limited by a not very powerful processor/ram, what it CAN do it’s wonderful.

    The main problem here is the lack of interest NI is showing for it. Everything we always say we like so much about Maschine (workflow, quality of sounds, immediacy,…) is something that the new management has inherited from previous NI ideas of “innovating the future of sound”. And that is more and more evident the “new” NI is not interested in at all.

    So…the main question is: for how long will we be able to do all the things we love to do with our Maschine? Because it is enough they decide that Maschine is not only “not a priority atm”, but also costly for them to maintain or even something that gets in the way of new management new projects (see many cases of their products being discontinued and made impossible to reinstall and reactivate…just to sell us their new products) and we will end up with products that will be impossible to reactivate or even that are not recognized anymore.

    I perfectly agree with @MaikR here: the dependency NI is trying to build lately is frankly quite dangerous.

    The only form of dependency I can stand is the “hey…our products are so wonderful that you’ll want more and more”, not the “if you don’t follow our rules and our installation/authentication process, you can forget about the products you paid for”…

  • Kubrak
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    Well, I always complained about NI's decision to terminate activation of several plugins.... And I do agree it is way, way wrong. And IMHO violation of the law. But on the other side, one should not over estimate it....

    I hope, it was because some things went wrong.... Not evil will....

    I do not have M+, but does it need any authorisation to install firmware? Usually it is not case with NI HW. Of course one needs authorisation to install SW on PC. But we speak just about standalone function.

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