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I am working with computer and Maschine+ in parallel, which is not yet very handy. To make it better, I would like to address these features to the development team:

  1. VST3 support in standalone mode. - Mainely I am bored to re-allocate any VST3 based sound on the Maschine+. I already started to change the sounds to VST but when moving the project to computer and back the sounds were VST3 again.
  2. Make SD-card available to computer when in controller mode. It is time consuming to startup Maschine+ only to exchange files.


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    1 I'm sorry to say that this is unlikely to happen, here it's not even about the severely limited hardware resources of Maschine Plus anymore, but the fact that most VST3 plug-ins have their own authorization system and transferring it to Maschine Plus is very difficult already from Native Instruments' perspective alone. And on top of that, you would have to have support from third-party developers and their permission to tinker with their products.

    2. In controller mode, Maschine cannot handle the SD card because the subsystem responsible for it is simply disabled. The device is then a simple MIDI controller, which is handled by the phyton script. It would be faster to remove the card and put it in the computer's SD reader.

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    For issue #2 if you don't have an SD reader on your computer buy one, it's so much faster and practical.

    PS. I added a feature request tag to your post.

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    1. I am guessing this the issue of using the plugins that the M+ actually supports that are now VST3 on desktop, but compatible versions not available on M+, probably best to stick to the original VSTs and disable all the VST3 versions on the desktop in preferences (Maybe unticking "Always use latest versions of NI plugins" might fix it too)
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    Why did I buy a Maschine+? Dumb me…

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    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

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