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    You aren't wrong to say that they aren't hard... but it was not necessary to force people to use them. That is my main issue. NI is defaulting to Clips, trying to make people embrace it, but its having the opposite effect. I personally hate Clips and do just fine with using Patterns. I've also been using Maschine since 2011, so I have a lot to "undo" with my process and workflow if I want to make the switch, which I really don't.

    What NI should do (which we know they won't - remember, been using Maschine since 2011) is make it an option. Or minimally, when I pin "Patterns", don't undo it and revert back to Clips. That is what is the most annoying right now.

  • jt maher
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    I’d say give it some more time to fully get accustomed to clips :) You state that you have been on Maschine for a decade!?

    Props to you my friend!

    Clips has only been around for what 2 years if that? I understand your argument/point that NI should of made it optional, seems completely fair…

    And yes, clips could use some work in regards to functionality, but overall clips has been a godsend for us longtime users in that converting everything to a clip now is the way to go. Yes, some peoples workflow will get messed up, but that just gives you the opportunity to learn more about Maschine, and become a master at your craft. Learn something new. Don’t be so stuck on one particular work-flow. Not trying to tell you what to do, but frankly I’m sick of the people complaining about clips. It’s not you in particular or anything. I just think people jump to conclusions way too fast about clips, and don’t give clips enough of a chance. It’s easy to write things off these days without giving it any time to grow on you. Trust me when I tell you that all the time wasted talking about what NI should or shouldn’t do could be used to focus on your music, rising above the limitations, and making do with what we have at the moment. Maybe one day NI will get Clips where it needs to be (not holding my breath) In making it optional/ other improvements. Is clips so bad that it hinders your workflow? It shouldn’t…

    To say NI is forcing us to use clips is a bit exaggerated. Ya, they default clips over patterns, but so what? An extra shift/pattern press to switch back…lool

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    i broke my mpc and got a maschine in the meantime due to the repair time involved on the mpc. clips are my absolute favorite feature! it was the number one workflow killer on the mpc to figure out how to manage edits without duplicating a bunch of patterns. its all perspective!

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    Clips are a great addition to do some things you can't do with patterns. Despite what clips bring, I would personally like to see an evolution of patterns and be able to freely position a pattern in a scene and change its length in the arranger. I'm still attached to the patterns when I work with the controller.

    I think it would be nice to continue to evolve the patterns because they are two quite different approaches.

  • darkwaves
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    Here's my issue with clips:

    If I'm using maschine on my computer for some reason, the first several groups are always for auxiliary uses. Effect sends, routing, etc. My instruments generally start on E1 if I'm routing out to my DAW; else A2 (i.e. I'm not this close to the top of the screen when adding stuff in song mode)

    I'm in scene 1. I want a new pattern. Double click and I get a pattern as expected.

    I go to double click in scene 3 and it creates a clip. I didn't do anything to switch into 'clip mode'. Right click does the same thing. I didn't try to switch modes.

    That extra click doesn't seem like much; but we're talking about a decade of muscle memory thrown away for what? A function I'm not trying to use?

    This is just a mouse behavior. If I hit record and started playing when it got to Scene 3; it would make a pattern as expected. The hardware will only switch me out of a mode if I press the buttons to switch. Logical behavior.

    It would be ignorant to think people are complaining because they find clips 'confusing'. It's a poor implementation of a feature.

    I'm going to create a new section, right click and create. What will it create?

    You can guess because you can see my extra mouse click. The only visual is down in the piano roll. There's nothing in the area you're actually looking at that indicates what you're going to get when you hit 'create'. I'm not someone that focuses on UI/UX. "Make your app pretty because that's the most important thing!" This is just poor design.

    Simple solution: Scene focus follows mouse clicks. This is the same logic as groups. I didn't have to go activate a group in order to create a pattern/clip. Never pull me out of a mode I chose.

  • Olihop
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    I think everything is clear, you have targeted the problem well darkwaves.

  • ozon
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    Didn’t know that because I’m almost exclusively using the hardware.

    This behavior looks odd and unintentional to me.

    Have you filed a bug report?

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    I feel you. I'm kinda glad I was never really able to fully get used to how patterns work Due to frustration of limitation. I'm like someone else who commented above saying they end up doing something else. I think I can get used to clips if I keep messing around with them enough to remember how they work. That's what my problem was with patterns. Kept giving up and even when I "kinda" figured it out, I wasn't dealing with it enough. Just too much forced and unnecessary work. I think there is a lot more freedom with clips. Just a few "bugs" that need to be worked out.

  • adic27
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    Yes clips are way better than patterns, IMO. Just gotta put time into working with them. The way patterns were stuck in place pissed me off so much. It just didn't make since to me, forcing more work and taking away from work flow\creativity. Me getting frustrated enough to give up or only use Maschine to an extent didn't help tho

  • adic27
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    Are you guys getting response notifications for this thread or any thread for that matter? I didn't realize so many people were responding until yesterday.

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    I am not sure if this is ever going to materialize but, here’s my thought, I think it will be great if NI merges both patterns and clips and make a hybrid of this, like have some sort of toggle which indicates whether a given pattern should repeat in the scene (current pattern behavior) or not repeat (current clip behavior). And another toggle which indicates whether a given pattern is grid locked(current pattern behavior) or free from so the pattern can span across scenes(clip behavior). I think with just these two toggle the workflow can be much smoother and less confusing.

  • Olihop
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    I don't know, unifying the two could be a very difficult task. Especially since other sections of the software are intrinsically linked to their respective operation (idea view for patterns). The two ways of doing things are very different. The use of clips is closer to the way of doing a daw with an ease to build its arrangement with the keyboard and the mouse.

    Patterns are more appropriate for use with the controller to build things quickly. Personally, I would like to see patterns continue to evolve with the ability to change their start and end points in the arranger like you can with clips.

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    I have to admit I don't understand how people feel pressured to use clips. I've been using my M+ standalone and in controller mode for a year as well as occasionally using the software as well, and I've never had to use clips at all. I have read up on the subject and I understand where they could be useful but the use cases haven't applied to me yet so I haven't bothered. But as far as I can tell I am able to use whichever I want without any sense of coercion to use one or the other.

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    I honestly don't use it because I have templates built that make pattern mode simple and easy to use for me. I find pattern mode to be simple when working from the template and I only arrange after I have created all the instruments /patterns I need .I'm in standalone mode most of the time. When in controller mode I use maschine inside of Studio 1 and just export my patterns to audio, then all arrangement is done in S1.

    I need to learn clips but lol I am also a creature of habit

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