For users facing issues with installing Native Access 3.3.0 on M1 Macs



  • dekeohms
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    Doesn't work for me, either.

  • inmazevo
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    edited October 2023

    Hmm. Haven't been here in forever after mostly giving up on NI for Mac some time ago, but I tried installing Komplete again today, via first installing today's version of Native access only to find NTKDaemon, which has always sucked, still requires Rosetta. I don't care that all of if your plugins are native, and find it hilarious that Native Access is, but you can't do anything with it because of NTK Daemon. No Rosetta. No NI Apps.

    Thanks for that.

    How is this still a thing (NTKDaemon requiring Rosetta)? Amateur hour.

    Sorry for sounding mad. Just wow. Six months have past since the last post before me. Jeez.

    I've skipped two upgrades waiting, and started phasing NI stuff out slowly, and then more quickly, and now I never start anything with an NI plugin, which means I'm pretty much lost as a customer. Priorities.

    And this line is just goofy:

    "Native Access is natively supported much like all of our other products."

    No, they're not if you can't install them.

  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey immazevo.

    Rosetta is unfortunately still necessary because our product installers are at fault here. The binaries for each installer still require Rosetta, which is very much old tech we're proactively working to get rid of, but we have a vast catalog of products (several thousands + sub versions) to go through. We're still very actively working to resolve this issue.

    Apologies for this inconvenience

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