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I am a professional pianist and most of my work is recording piano for sessions. I own a large amount of piano libraries (some being considerably larger and more expensive) but I personally find Noire to be my go to for a large amount of my work. I record a wide range of music from classical, opera, jazz to gospel, pop and rock and with the various tone shaping options built into Noire I find it can work extremely well for pretty much all of these!

However one feature that I am surprised to find is missing is Una Corda!?? This is pretty much a standard feature in piano libraries whether it has been sampled or (some companies have successfully achieved through) modelling.

Please could we have an update with una corda. If samples weren't done for this in the session I would be very satisfied with modelling. Without una corda Noire is unusable for pieces that require this which is a huge shame as the core sound and playability is wonderful.


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    I own a lot of paino libraries, but I don't own one with this as standard.

    Have you tried Una Corda?

    Keys : Una Corda | Komplete (

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    The following libraries have Una Corda whether this sampled or modelled :-

    Embertone - Walker

    Garritan CFX


    Production Voices - Concert Grand Production Grand and 300 Grand

    Synthogy - American Concert D, Ivory 2, Ivory 3

    Simple Sam - Signature Grand

    Sonicoture - Hammersmith

    VI Labs - Ravenscroft and all True Keys libraries

    VSL Synchron - All pianos

    XLN Audio - Addictive Keys

    Even the $29 Waves Grand Rhapsody has this and some of the other piano libraries are cheaper than Noire. I own six of these libraries and some use modelling very successfully. There’s also numerous other piano libraries that I haven’t any experience and I would expect many of those to have una corda as well.

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