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Important update: We're currently in the process of assessing your feedback to improve the reward system. Our monthly top contributors prizes are temporarily paused until further notice. Please check back later for further updates.

Become a member and answer the most questions in the community for a chance to win vouchers for Native Instruments products every month!

Help & earn points

Making music is all about exchanging ideas and experiences (plus, let's face it, occasional workarounds). And it's what makes our community truly great. Every day, we've got thousands of devoted members scanning the forum day and night getting people to dive deeper into their NI gear. And we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate all your hard work.

From April, 2023 onwards, we'll be giving away 100 USD/EUR, 50 USD/EUR, and 25 USD/EUR (or local currency equivalent) e-vouchers to be used on our web shop to the top 3 contributors at the end of each month.

Note that these vouchers are not valid on items that are already discounted. But exclusively for superstar members, you can use these vouchers on software/hardware as well as updates/upgrades.

It's a chance for anyone and everyone in the community to get a discount on our products, and sharpen your skills along the way.

How to be top contributors

Accepted Answer is the most important contribution that you can offer. When you write a reply on someone's thread, and they feel like your reply is a valid solution, they'll mark your reply as Answer ✔️. This gives you 3 points.  

Likes and Insightfuls received on your posts and comments are other examples of community contribution, but they will not be weighed as heavily as your Accepted Answer.

Here are more details on how many points each activity is worth.

Where to see a leaderboard

To check the monthly leaderboard and see points needed to get to the top, just go to your profile. A leadboard is displayed in the bottom right corner. The points are refreshed on the first day of the month, every month.

How to find questions to answer

Unanswered Questions is always a great place to start.

You can also find all threads posted in the community on the Discussions page, and look for ones that are not yet tagged with Answered ✔️ to chime in.

Threads that are tagged with Answered are threads that receive replies already but none are marked as Accepted Answer by the OP, so they're still open for contributions.

Or, let's say you're a MASCHINE expert. You can use the search feature to conduct very specific searches that will only show the threads where you can offer insight.

When will the winners be announced

On the first week of the month, the 3 highest scoring contributors will be announced here on the online community. If you're the lucky one, you'll get a tag from one of the admins.

Good luck everyone!

Terms & Conditions: This reward program is being conducted by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH from March 30, 2023 until further notice. By entering the reward program, participants agree to these terms and conditions. All personal information is protected by privacy and data protection laws and will not be shared with third parties. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Employees of the Soundwide group are not eligible to participate. By posting on the online community, participants can win 100 USD/EUR, 50 USD/EUR and 25 USD/EUR (or local equivalent). Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with special offers. Winners will be chosen based on points earned. The winners will be notified by direct message, and are required to notify Native Instruments that s/he accepts the prize within one week after receiving the notification. If Native Instruments does not receive notification within this period, the winner forfeits the prize and Native Instruments reserves the right to choose another winner. A cash payout of the prize is ruled out. The right of appeal is excluded. Native Instruments reserves the right to change, amend or remove this reward program at any time without prior notice. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply exclusively; Berlin, Germany, shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction.


  • rrahim
    rrahim Member Posts: 15 Member

    This is a great initiative and definitely something I intend to use.

  • RenX
    RenX Member Posts: 2 Member

    Super idea

    hope to contribute

  • whereisko
    whereisko Member Posts: 5 Member

    I guess this will incentivise a lot of us to check-in here first rather than going to Reddit, YouTube and Facebook which have some of the most helpful loyal and engaged Maschine communities I’ve come across.

  • hansensclasses
    hansensclasses Member Posts: 1 Member

    I hope this becomes a great resource for contributors

  • Paul Nord
    Paul Nord Member Posts: 1 Member

    That's cool! But I'm new to music😅

  • MSGsaltsweet
    MSGsaltsweet Member Posts: 7 Member

    This is very nice suggestions and I am sure it will be helpful for growth for musicians and producers. Just reading the answers can give great information and knowledge that are hard to find anywhere, surely. Actually as a NI Komplete user, I sometimes at a loss trying to get information about the devices, and this will be a great way to find what I need. And I could be helpful for someone in the community. And what is more, there are emojis here. 😍

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,765 mod

    Dudes are spamming the Traktor forum now.

  • Shed Maa
    Shed Maa Member Posts: 70 Member

    Good idea i plan on visiting more

  • Mike music
    Mike music Member Posts: 5 Member

    I hope I can contribute

  • AKB48
    AKB48 Member Posts: 8 Member

    I'll make it habit to look around the forums again -

  • Treibklang
    Treibklang Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Danke an das Native Team und ich kann nur sagen das ich es super finde die Leute mit einzuspannen und sie dafür zu belohnen. Ich werde versuchen wie es die Zeit zulassen sollte mitzuwirken

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