Need help with malfunctioning library.

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My kontakt/komplete library vst version seem to not be able to play more than half of my instruments preset.

The bug only appear on certain snapshots files randomly with no apparent reason or pattern to deduct why. I am now at my 5th time reinstalling everything from the pack individually to whole daw to reset everything but still the same problem.

Exemple : the two first lead presets from the "40's key pack". The first work the second doesn't same pack same size same path of installation same folder litteraly just one above the other in the folders somehow one is readable without any bug as a vst the other is not.

Now we could think that the files is corrupt even if i did delete reinstall 5times over . But that where it get even more confusing; Im able to load and play every preset in my stand alone apps. Wich lead me to think that the files are readable since they are working in the standalone version without problems.

Description of the bugg: When triggering the midi of a newly loaded buggy preset for the first time you always ear the same glitchy high pitch staccato sound, always the same pitch no matte what midi key is played but depending the preset seem to have some of the processing (reverb delay saturation etc). After that first trigger and the sound played any other midi input wont be triggering any sound. Complete silence even tho i see the midi being trigger in my daw and on the komplete display but still producing no noise.

I spent way to much on my keyboard instrument and time on this i need help thanks you in advance.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Junethedon Where is this happening? What DAW are you using? What's your operating system? Are you using the Komplete Kontrol plug-in in your DAW? Kontakt? Does the same thing happen with the same presets loaded in Kontakt or in Komplete Kontrol in your DAW?

  • Junethedon
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    It is happening in the daw as a vst on my computer. Im using ableton on windows 11. The problem occurs in kontakt and komplete komplete 6 and 7 in the vst version. Yes it happens always with the same preset.All the patches that have that bug, in the vst version is not working in each vst (komplete control etc). Always the same patches bugging. But oddly enough working stand alone.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Are you running Ableton as admin? How to Run a Program as an Administrator

    So if I understand correctly, it only happens in the 40's keys library? Other ones? Which ones? are there libraries where it doesn't happen? Would it be possible for you to do a short video of the issue, zip it and upload it?

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