VST3 instrument GUIs STILL not displaying in Komplete Kontrol Ableton VST?

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Going back a few updates now, the GUIs of many VST3 instruments and plugins from major vendors do not appear in the Komplete Kontrol VST in Ableton. The instrument loads and is playable, but there is just a small black cross where the GUI should be in KK. In standalone the GUIs appear as expected. Many modern instruments do not have a VST2 option. Any solutions yet? Seems a major issue.


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    It's logged and they are looking into it is all I know, by the sounds of it they know the cause but not a solution. If you are on the Beta test it would be good to add your findings (OS, what plugins affected) to the ticket open. I've sent a heap of info on the matter so hoping they find the issue as it does not happen in other DAWs such as Cubase and Reaper, just Live.

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    I have a ticket open, I'm just prodding them in public after yet another "update" that doesn't address an issue that one-dev plugins like Fluid Chords seem to have nailed.

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