Known issue: Windows Defender flagging products as Trojans



  • chk071
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    You can add the Komplete Kontrol 2.9.1 installer to the list that Defender flags as malicious. Man, what a mess. 😂 Microsoft is really doing a stellar job recently...

  • John Heijens
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    Just to inform you: Today (31-3) I tried to update Komplete Kontrol with Native Access. Win defender blocked it, saying it found Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml. Threat level: serious.

  • chk071
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    @John Heijens Try the following: Open Windows Security Center in the task bar, go to virus and malware protection (or however it is called in English), click on "Updates for virus and malware protection", make sure it updates to version 1.385.1699.0, and then try to install Komplete Kontrol again. Worked for me.

    I hope that soon every of the NI installers, and the other company's product installers get excluded in Defender's virus definitions one by one...

  • chk071
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    Even some game updates on Steam are detected as Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml and the likes now... Microsoft really need to get their sh** together.

    P.S.: German blog "Borncity" reported about it: Microsoft also tweeted about it:

    So, yeah, don't worry really. It's all Microsoft's fault.

  • emulator
    emulator Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Today it works for me.

    Version: 1.385.1783.0

  • zzz00m
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    Seems to be all clear now. Just ran 3 updates in NA2 3.2.2 , including Massive X, and Microsoft Defender was silent!

    Currently running Microsoft Defender Security intelligence version: 1.385.1790.0, version created on 4/1/2023 4:14 AM, last update 4/1/2023 9:18 AM.

  • RobT
    RobT Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Still an issue for Komplete Kontrol 2.9.1

  • RobT
    RobT Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Finally resolved by Security Intelligence Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 (Version 1.385.1826.0) - issued 4/2/2023 12:11:36 AM

  • new_vision
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    For me the Komplete Kontrol 2.9.1. update is still flagged. Everything else went through just fine, but this update is stuck. MS updated the Defender AV to 1.385.1850.0 and that isn't working with the KK update. :(

  • Kymeia
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    Just turn it off temporarily to install it

  • RamiroS77
    RamiroS77 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    This happens with Avira as well

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