Komplete Kontrol A61 refund policy enquiry

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Hi all, sorry for posting beginner level question here, coz I am very new to music production and just got some essential tools like Cubase, kontakt etc already.

Now I am considering to buy a Komplete Kontrol A61 keyboard, but since I have no piano experience before so a bit unsure whether it fits me. Do you guys know whether can I ask for a refund if I feel it doesn't fit me?

I have read through the terms through the terms and conditions here (https://www.native-instruments.com/en/company/legal-information/terms-and-conditions/terms-and-conditions-gmbh/) and I guess I could ask for a refund within 2 weeks. Am I right? And I guess I have to bear the return shipment cost?



  • JesterMgee
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    Are you not in an area where you can visit a local music store?

    I'd be suggesting if not, to perhaps look at something like purchasing through Amazon if possible or a retailer who has a clear return policy and where you don't have to worry about potential import tax adding to your costs (may not apply to you, I believe they have distribution locations globally now to help avoid that).

    I believe like any retailer, NI must offer a return window and appears 2 weeks is the window.

    I'd forget about the fact you are not a piano player, neither am I by a long shot but I still have like 5 MIDI keyboards. You need a keyboard if you want to program and play parts in your DAW and the A61 is a good starting point especially if you also want to be able to easily load up instruments and have them controllable from the keyboard without having to spend time mapping everything (in the case of Kontaks instruments and many supported VSTs). Personally i'd shoot for the S series keyboard myself just because the encoders on the A series only can show what they are for when you touch them, where the S series has the screens, but it is a big price difference.

    Maybe one of the NI mods can answer 100% for you but i'd probably send a sales inquiry directly just to be sure before hand.

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    I suspect the return policy of the store that you buy it at will be the determining factor.

    FWIW - I'm not a piano player either, but having a keyboard really speeds things up when looking for the right notes and chords. It can also help enormously with drum programming. I don't have as many as JesterMgee but I do have two. A five octave Novation SL-Mk2 that I've had for years, and a NI Komplete Kontrol M-32 that's the perfect noodle machine when I'm just sitting down with my laptop in the living room.

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    Hi @Trevintam Kaiwan from NI here. You can return the keyboard within 14 days if the hardware is defected or if there are software issues. If the keyboard is already opened and used, plus any included software is registered, we usually can't process a refund unfortunately.

    Believe me you don't need piano experience to use A61! There are videos to help you get started on this page here.

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