New deal: Get iZotope's MUSIC PRODUCTION SUITE 4.1 with KOMPLETE 13



  • oldyella
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    Hi, is there any way to upgrade to Komplete 13 only or is it now bundled with the iZoptope stuff only? I wanted to upgrade my older Komplete license to Komplete 13 but the price is too high considering the extra package being offered? I can't find any way to do this anymore.

  • mostly_lucid
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    kind of shady to say 'thanks for buying ultimate just a short bit ago, if you had just waited however, then for a tiny amount more you would have gotten this bundle also. But we appreciate your loyalty for all these years. Make sure you update to 14 when it comes out!'

    The answer of "this offer isn't really how to get Izotope MPS. It's a bundle for both Komplete and MPS."

    ...does not make any sense to somebody who has already paid for and owns Komplete. You can play word games all you want, it would be better to just be honest and say that due to licensing agreements or whatever, and the fact that you already have our money this offer is not for us. It is ONLY to entice people that did not already commit to you and pop for the Ultimate license.

    Which in the long haul is not the end of the world, I love your products and hope you continue to profit and prosper so you can afford to pay the programmers and artists to make version 14, 15 etc.

    Sincere Regards --


  • bnsrowe
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    I have V13 Ultimate Collector's Edition purchased 12/11/21 and no offer as well.

  • PK The DJ
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    @bnsrowe you need to send a PM to Matt_NI or Kaiwan_NI & they'll send you a link

  • iNate
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    I have everything except 2 of those Exponential Audio legacy reverbs.

    This is hardly worth increasing my Ultimate CE upgrade price for.

    Why not offer an option for people who don't want or need the iZotope stuff?

    If this is going to be the standard bundle moving forwards, though, I guess this is where I'll stop upgrading/updating Komplete bundles.

    EDIT: Grammar.

  • Jojo123
    Jojo123 Member Posts: 231 Advisor

    I haven't received an email either so will use a DM .

    What about licensing - Say I wanted to sell my K13 UCE would this mean I would have to sell the iZotope bundle with it as it is now considered one product?

  • PK The DJ
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    @Jojo123 I would assume that you could do that without any issues, because there are separate serial numbers for the iZotope package.

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,110 admin

    The regular update/upgrade will be back as soon as the offer is done. Komplete bundles are still available via retailers though if you want to get an update without the iZo stuff now.

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,110 admin

    If someone is after the MPS products only then they should check with iZotope directly. They have their own offers on their own products (and actually had an offer on MPS only last time I checked). I don't know how surprising it is that our Komplete x iZo bundle actually includes Komplete ... it's not a catch.

    And yes discount are time limited, that's just how sales work literally everywhere. We obviously have grace periods for purchases made very recently but months ago is hardly a tiny amount more.

  • Djshayca
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    I am really shocked that I have to upgrade to ultimate just to get any kind of deal! i spent 600.00 on Komplete, which is OK at best, and shouldn't have to upgrade for another 700.00 to get something that someone can now spend 600.00 and get for free? not to mention, when i bought Komplete, I never even received my Evoucher that I was supposed to get! I was even told to go to IZOTOPE'S website and get it from them! What a way to treat a customer! I definately won't be spending anymore money on Native instruments if this is how im going to be valued as a customer! I know that I and alot of other people feel cheated! you should have just waited til 14 came out to make it fair for everyone, rather than go this route, especially when the people in the higher classes can just outright upgrade! I really feel cheated and not valued as a customer! I won't be buying from NI anymore!

  • ShelLuser
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    I predicted it, I surely did, all the way back on the old forum: I called it: if these companies would join forces like I imagined it back then (they did!) then magic could happen.

    Well... magic happened if you ask me. Yah, I also already own Komplete 13UC (still mighty proud of this feat) and "worse" yet I also own a few iZotope suites. I am very fond of Ozone and RX8 Pro for example.

    Now, RX9 is out for a while and even though I did get some interesting loyalties offers from iZotope I was still kinda "so so" about it. Didn't really need the upgrade, also spend some cash on a few new Maschine expansions... and then I finally learned about the current discount period.

    I still can't believe I did what I just did 😮

    So I just got the frickin' iZotope everything bundle but for a fraction of the normal price! 😲

    (edit: context: so instead of "just" getting an upgrade to RX9 advanced I got an upgrade for RX Post Production Suite 6 + everything else they got and for LESS than what I would have paid back in the day for just getting RX9 Advanced. Just so you get an impression of what kind of deal we're talking about here)

    Perpetual of course, no subscriptions for me. I can't WAIT to get back into my home studio tomorrow and set up the full upgrade! RX9 Advanced is going to be sweet. Just like all the other plugins they make which I don't know just yet, I'm actually looking forward to checking out their visual mixer for example.

    Yes, I am biased. But for me the combo of NI + iZotope is honestly a power combo, match made in heaven. Not just saying because of the joint ventures and such, but because you got 2 high end players doing what they do best. NI - to me - is the defacto place to go to if you're looking for high quality sound material. iZotope then is the ditto #1 within the field of sound processing and enhancing. Heck.. ever since I got Maschine I've been using Ozone Imager on the Maschine master channel by default. Simply because it truly helps me to 'blend' in my Maschine project with whatever I have going in Live (I always use Maschine + Live suite).

    SO I guess I now went "iZoptope UC" as well? 😁

    Sorry for a mini rant folks but... Synths are a passion of mine and since a few years Maschine + Komplete have become a huge part of it. My homestudio fully evolves around Live & Push + Maschine & Komplete with FL Studio in which Ozone & RX8 have been extremely useful for me throughout the years. So to imagine that I "just" got everything iZotope has to offer... and not just the mini versions, we're talking Pro & Advanced here!

    Mind blown! 😵 and super excited! 🤗

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,562 admin

    Hey @Djshayca just a correction: the Izotope bundle is not being given away for free. You get a discounted price for these special bundles of Komplete and MPS. If you didn't get your Evoucher you could always reach out to our support team in case there was a hiccup in the mail.

  • Jezric
    Jezric Member Posts: 49 Helper

    Ok, haven't seen anyone confirm this yet...

    Is the "Music Production Suite 4.1" being offered to me (because I own K13 Ultimate, and I got the offer in my email, for $199), the same product list that is listed on the Izotope website? In the email I got and on the NI "add to cart" page it links to, it doesn't actually list what is included in this.... The Izotope website has a listing for MPS4.1 that lists the products included, am I to believe that it is the same list for this offer?

    I really wish that NI website would be explicit about what is included as all this confusion around upgrading from various Komplete versions and some people getting offers in their email and some not really doesn't sit well with me (or many others on here I would imagine). Seems like NI could be SO much more forthcoming about what this is and who it applies to.

    For those interested, here's the email I got:

    and here is the page it links to after I login:

    But if I got into my Komplete offers (in the account dropdown in the NI website) I see:

    HAHA! Way to go NI!

  • ShelLuser
    ShelLuser Member Posts: 240 Pro

    Ey @nolubez,

    That is indeed the same product... NI simply offers you their "Komplete bundle", which includes Komplete + Production Suite.

    But the iZotope website focuses on their line of products. So yes, that offer covers the iZotope part (Ozone, Neutron, RX9, etc), but without Komplete.

    I'm biased, sure thing, but that's a very fine deal when you take the individual pricing into account. IMO of course.

    Hope this could help.

  • Hippstar
    Hippstar Member Posts: 9 Member

    Received the email as well. It's a nice step from NI and Izotope. As a owner of Komplet 13 Ultimate I was not that much interrested in upgrading to Collectors Edition just for the Izotope Bundle.

    But 199,00 for MPS4.1 is a super deal. The cheapest I saw so far was 200,00 for the mixing an mastering bundle (which is smaller than the MPS bundle) as a owner of Ozone Elements, which I got for free last Christmas.

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