Moving an event vertically on maschine

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Can I move an event vertically after selecting it?

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  • ozon
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    In Keyboard mode yes.

    In Pad mode not (because it would mean moving between different Sound slots).

  • Olihop
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    Thanks, but by going through the software it is a very feasible thing.

    I do not see why it would not be possible with the controller. it would be very practical

  • D-One
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    Ever since I used Maschine for the 1st time I wanted this to be possible, gave up in the meantime and just use the mouse.

    AFAIK the fastest alternative from the controller on the Event menu is to Copy-Paste, then select the original note/event and Shift+Clear to remove it.

  • babel2
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    Agreed there needs to be a way to do this between group pads from the controller.

    Pressing option/alt with up down arrows on the computer keyboard works but the focus needs to be in that area of the app, ie you have to click in that screen area first

  • basehead617
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    Alternatively, you can Copy-Clear then Paste and not have to go back

  • D-One
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    Oohh... That's smart, great tip for efficiency! thanks.

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