Setting up Kompletel Audio 6 & Traktor s4 Mk3

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Apologies in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

I have the Komplete Audio 6 sound card running alongside my Dell XPS 15. The Audio 6 pumps audio into a pair of Yamaha monitor speakers.

The issue I'm having is I would like to connect my Traktor s4 mk3 through my Komplete Audio 6 so I do not need to unplug the monitor speakers to plug them into the S4 MK3. Is this possible?

In the Traktor software the options is there to select the Audio 6 soundcard but then I am unable to monitor my mix on headphones etc etc.

Am I looking at this all wrong? Anyone have any experience with this? I'm a complete newbie to the DJ world.

Thanks guys.


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