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    ALL available non-official NKS works are posted on this topic. You can access the majority of them by clicking @Kymeia 's signature and about 40 more by clicking my signature. For everything else by other members you have to search for the links on this topic. Those are the free presets. You also have the option to buy presets at Freelancesoundlabs. If your request are not on any of those places then it does not exists.

  • Wilmar Boer
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    Is it actually possible to make a NKS library for an external synth? I've a Roland JV80, D10 and D70 and would like to add it's presets to Maschine using NKS files. Is that a possibility? And if yes, how to accomplish that, is there some tutorial on how to make custom NKS files somewhere?

  • Kymeia
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    It’s not one I have even heard of to be honest (the Doobie Powell thing)

  • jakx92
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    @Wilmar Boer Not as far as I know, but you can make templates for external synths in Maschine. But they're saved as sounds or groups, not nks presets.

  • Sunborn
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    There is no serious need for such thing. External Synths are controlled by MIDI. By using the midi-learn function you can assign the parameters you want to any (almost) controller you want.

    However there are specific setups for Maschine or Komplete Kontrol. Here is one, search Google for more:

    This is also a good guide, but for more details please ask on the Maschine Forum, not here.


  • paulyminogue
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    Are there any Plans for doin the NKS for:

    UVI - Augmented Strings

    UVI - Kawai Vintage Legacy

    UVI - Percussion Factory

    UVI - Quadra Traveler

    UVI - Mission 6

    UVI - PX Guitar Syn

    Big, UVI Fan here :D

    I know, its a lot 🙈

  • JesterMgee
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    will work through a heap of uvi soon. Vst3 updates have me bogged down and demand is lower than ever so have to take on other work to make ends meet, less time available for NKS stuff but am working through what I can when I have time to do it.

  • jggorman
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    I've had some success using plugins for librarians or editors like ctrl or midi quest. I was doing this for my Roland JV-1010. Eventually I found in software you can play all the old sounds nearly exactly, especially for digital synths like the 1010.

  • Kymeia
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    D16 Syntorus 2 - fully tagged NKS for the VST3 version


    This concludes the D16 plugins I have at the moment - back to the Eventide H9 plugins now (and also something for PSP) - Mangledverb coming next

  • Kymeia
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    Actually forgot about Frontier - their free Adaptive Limiter which I suppose is of some value in Maschine at least


  • Kymeia
    Kymeia NKS User Library Mod Posts: 3,725 mod

    I had a look at it and it looks nice but I have several EPs already and this doesn't even appear to be physically modelled since it's an 8GB download

  • Warren Postma
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    I'm trying to get diva vst2 on mac, to create nksf exports and having this error from Komplete Control.

    "Saving file failed.

    Sorry this didn't work."

    I get this error when trying to convert presets to nksf.

    I am following the docs..

    Saving in NKS format

    While the native, h2p and h2p extended options cause Zebra2 to save presets into the currently selected preset directory, .nks files go directly into the preset location used for Komplete Kontrol or Maschine, so they do not appear in Zebra2’s preset browser. To make them visible in Komplete Kontrol, open its preferences and rescan the preset locations.

    Batch conversion

    Right-click the [SAVE] button and set the target format to nks. Via cmd-click (Mac) or alt- click (Win), select all presets in the current folder you want to convert, then right-click any of the selected presets and choose convert to nks. The original files are not affected. 

  • Kymeia
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    As the message says this sounds like a permissions thing so check the folders being installed into are not write only - it might also be worth trying to save in another host and if you still have problems contact u-he. I doubt KK is at fault here though as I have done this dozens of times in KK. What was added later is the ability to create banks so before saving any patches as NKS create a bank first (just select all files in the band you want to export and drag them onto the bank name field in the tags menu) Then the NKS versions will show with a distinct bank name.

  • Sunborn
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    It is clearly a permission problem. Your folder probably need admin rights to write data on it.

    At least this was the reason on Windows and i suspect that things are more or less the same on Mac.

    It happened to me when the presets was in the "Program Data" folder. From the time that i move all presets to "My Documents" problem solved, i can save easily.

    EDIT: @Kymeia it seems that we post exactly at the same time, once again... 10:28 😄

  • astavi
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    There are a few other sources, including the old thread. Idk why you'd say something like that.

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