Show us your setup - What are your gear and favorite plugins?

Dr. Artil
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Hey there

Introduce yourself, like DJ, musician or producer. Show your production to the community, show us a photo of your setup.



  • Dr. Artil
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    Just because I started the topic, I'll start first.

    My name is Mike (Mihail). Bulgarian. DJ-producer and entertainer. Most of the ppl knows me as Dr. Artik.

    I am also administrator of the Bulgarian Traktor facebook community.

    I am an addicted Traktor user since 2001. Also a hudge Battery fan. I think Battery is the best drum sample VSTi ever created

    DAW: Cubase, Ableton

    Favorite VSTi: Omnispehe, Battery, Serum, Kontakt.

    Favorite VST: All sonox plugs, Most of the waves compressors and limiters, the FAB filter bundle, the lexicon reverbs and etc.

    I'll be happy to know whit what HW and software you are working guys.

    Best regards from Bulgaria!


  • Matt_NI
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    Hey @Dr. Artil

    Just wanna make sure but wouldn't that be sort of the "come say hello" thread here:

    Perhaps we should do a show your set-up thread here instead? What do you think?

  • Ohm13th
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    These days, I use my Maschine Mk3, JAM and M32 with my Win10 MSI laptop. My Maschine Studio, S8 and Audio6 are used with a Mac Mini.

    I've included a photo of my MIDI Mothership setup in my previous home. Unfortunately, all was lost in the 2018 Camp Wildfire. After fire, I began using new Net Name, Will Kaal.

    With help from FEMA and friends, I've found an apartment, bought a laptop and a used Mk3 and JAM, new M32 - and now I'm creating new beatz.

    DAW: Bitwig, Maschine

    Fav VSTi: Reaktor, Kontakt, Arcade


  • VisionarySoundSystem
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    Greetings & salutations.

    VisionarySoundSystem here from the Garden of England.

    Hardware is Maschine Studio & Komplete M32.

    Daw is either Maschine or Samplitude ProX6 Studio.

    I'm just a hobbyist who loves to spend my free time making or listening to new music.

    Peace, Love, Justice & Respect . . . .

  • Udizisser
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    Udi Audio here!

    I'm doing plugins and virtual instruments tutorials and reviews plus managing few communities around music production. My home studio is the best room in the house so I spend most of my time there exploring sounds and working on new tutorials. You are welcome to check out my channel UDI Audio with tons of NI related reviews.

    My studio and gear:

    Komplete Kontrol S49, SPL Crimson v3 audio interface, AT4040,SM57, Behringer Odyssey synth.

    DAW: Cubase 11 Pro, FL Studio

    Komplete 12 collector edition

    Endless list of plugins and virtual instruments..

  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @Dr. Artil, as we already have a thread for introducing yourself, I've changed your title to 'Show your setup' so we can enjoy a little bit of a different content here 😉

  • Wyley
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    My Traktor setup at home changes weekly.

    This is for home.

    This is my standalone (no software) setup.  It works almost like Traktor with standalone fx and loop recorder.  

    I’m using Abelton Link from my denon to sync my loop station via link to midi from my iPhone.  It’s works perfect.

    Daw = Reason and GarageBand 

    Too much gear to list lol.
  • Wyley
    Wyley Member Posts: 239 Pro

    That’s excellent 😆

    My first year in high school they had Atari computers for music class.

  • JesterMgee
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    To date myself, my high school in Australia had a BBC Computer room. Granted it was soon replaced with an updated mac room but I remember those green screened tanks and hours of programming code to move a triangle round the screen.

    My above image is actually not far from my first DAW setup but it was a DOS based computer I bought with my first coin job. I did have a C64 as a kid but my parents were never rich enough to invest in an Amstrad or even a disk drive for my C64, I was lucky to even have what I had.

  • Leleerre
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    Hello everybody ....

    This is my home setup:

  • Milos
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    When it comes to plugins: Kontakt, Guitar Rig, SpitFire LABS.

    When it comes to the setup: a laptop with headphones, beside the laptop- the Yamaha keyboard with sustain pedal.

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